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Top 26 DIY Home Remedies For Boils On Body

Home Remedies For Boils On Body

Boil, also known as furuncle, is the result of skin infection. The first appearance of boils on the body may be characterized as tiny red lumps but with the passing of two to three days, the boils get filled with pus and becomes larger in size and much more painful. Eventually the boils rupture. Boils generally occur in hairy, friction prone areas and areas that sweat a lot. Old people tend to suffer from groups of boils also known as carbuncle. Primary causes of boils on body are blocked sweat glands, poor hygiene, poor diet, weak immune system, acne, eczema, alcohol intake, diabetes, staph infection and exposure to certain chemicals. Although boils go away on their own, they leave back nasty scars. You can get rid of boils at home with the help of simple home remedies that inhibit its spreading as well as recurrence. Here are some of the best home remedies for boils on the body.

Top 26 DIY Home Remedies For Boils On Body


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