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Top 24 Easy and Rapid Home Remedies For Styes

Home Remedies For Styes

Styes is the common name given to bumps on eyelids and is the result of inflammation of sebaceous gland on the eyelid. Stye generally appears as a red or reddish bump and resembles a pimple in many ways. Styes are caused by the staph bacteria in general though other bacteria may also cause it. Mot common causes of styes are poor hygiene, improper cleaning of contact lenses, and underlying diseases like anemia, hormonal disorders, diabetes, chronic ocular inflammation, thyroid, hormonal imbalances, etc. Although styes do not pose threat to overall health, frequent appearance may cause problem. Styes can be very well cured at home with simple natural remedies that treat the inflammation. Here are some of the best home remedies for styes.

Top 24 Easy and Rapid Home Remedies For Styes


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