21 Toothache Natural Remedies


Tooth pain is often unbearable. You may feel excruciating pain around your jaws or in your teeth, usually when the nerves in that area get inflamed. You can have tooth ache because of cavities, a cracked tooth, gum disease, an infection, an exposed tooth root, or a loose filling. Nerves get irritated and inflamed when the compromised enamel of your tooth allows material to enter into the central region known as pulp which is extremely sensitive. The process of demineralization makes your enamel weak, which causes pain and inflammation. To get rid of tooth ache permanently, it is necessary to treat the root cause of the problem- that is loss of minerals from the teeth along with topical treatment that bring relief from pain. Till the time you reach the dentist, here are some effective natural remedies that can bring relief from toothache.

21 Toothache Natural Remedies



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