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Top 21 Powerful Home Remedies For Water Retention

Home Remedies For Water Retention

Edema or water retention is a condition in which tissues of body trap excess water thereby resulting in swelling. Water retention is most common to people who suffer from an inefficient lymph system that cannot expel fluids from the body tissues. Water retention is also linked to certain underlying health conditions like allergy, liver disease, heart disease, poor blood circulation, stress, anxiety, kidney problems, vitamin deficiency, sodium rich diet, thyroid disorder, chronic lung disorders, high blood pressure and more commonly menstruation and pregnancy. Certain lifestyle choices like excessive alcohol intake contribute towards water retention. Water retention can be tackled with the help of home remedies that expel the water from body and hydrate it. Here are some good home remedies for water retention.

Top 21 Powerful Home Remedies For Water Retention


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