20 Weird Uses And Benefits Of Cinnamon


With the soft smell, cylindrical design and a pleasant taste, it has left behind happiness since archaeological times. The spice is obtained from the innermost branch of the trees present in the extreme temperature, and it is further dried to consume in form of a spice. Being one of the oldest spices, it has been considered one of the best for its smell and qualities. Cinnamon had become easily usable and approachable by people in various ways like the perfumes, creams and powder etc.

The properties of killing the bacteria and fungi have helped it to work in form of an appointment. Conserving and trading of spices in the old times were considered a part of trade. Being very beneficial towards the health, it can be used in various forms for other purposes as well. The benefits and uses are listed below. It will help you out in knowing more about this natural spice and get the maximum benefits in your pocket.

1. Faster Digestion

The constituent named catechins present assists to get away with biliousness. The oil present in the bark of the cinnamon tree helps in digestion of food as it helps in defragmenting the fats. The spice provides relief by getting away with gas from the body.


2. Weight Minimizer

The spice assists in refining the blood, which in turn increases the blood flow. The increased circulation of blood helps in regulating the levels of sugar in the blood thereby, increasing the rate of metabolism. Honey along with cinnamon is considered to be a great weight reducer.


3. Prevention of Cancer

Cinnamon is considered to be a great treatment for cancers and tumors etc. The sugar holds back the cancerous cells and consumption of cinnamon has an alleviating effect to it. The two compounds Cinnamadehyde and Eugenol present in cinnamon are very effective in fighting against the cells.


4. Faster Bowel Movement

The consumption of cinnamon assists in a proper functioning of juices in the intestines and stomach. Due to this, the blockages in the tract get removed and an individual gets relieved from constipation.

Bowel Movement

5. Controls Diabetes

The cinnamon helps in secretion of insulin naturally and this regulates the level of sugar in the blood. A tweak of cinnamon powder over the tea can be added for daily consumption.


6. Removal of Menstrual Cramps

Cinnamon helps a female to ease the menstruation cycle and the discomfort caused due to cramps. It behaves like a contraceptive pill, since it holds up the menstruation. Being highly diuretic, a proper passage of urine takes place.

Menstrual Cramps

7. Decreases Cardiac Stress

Cinnamon keeps the heart away from various cardiac disorders and increases the flow of blood towards the heart. The cholesterol and the toxins which tend to clog the arteries get removed through the consumption of cinnamon.

Cardiac Stress

8. Eliminates Bad Odor

Cinnamon is very effective in treating bad gums and toothache. The bad odor and gingivitis are done away, with the help of cinnamon. Frequently, cinnamon has been used in the medicines and toothpaste.

Eliminates Bad Odor

9. Removes Acne

The acne gets treated with the help of cinnamon as it fights against the harmful microbes which tend to dwell towards the skin. An application of honey along with cinnamon is highly effective as it removes the microbes from the pores.


10. Improves Nervous System

Cinnamon helps to get relief from nervous tensions and memory loss. The aroma of the spice helps in stimulation of the activity of the brain and increases the oxygen supply. The properties of minimizing inflammations help in providing a cooling sensation.

Nervous System

11. Fatigue Remover

The sweetener along with cinnamon helps in strengthening and increasing the immunity system of an individual. Due to the properties of anti-aging, it lengthens the life of an individual and is a great relaxer.


12.Great Preservative

Cinnamon is a great preservative as it inhibits the growth of bacteria and other germs over the food. The cinnamon powder when added to the food brings great taste to the food and can be stored in an air-tight container.

Great Preservative

13. Removes Clots

Cinnamon is a great reliever and is highly concentrated with manganese, fiber etc. The compound cinnamaldehyde is very effective towards platelets and it prevents the formation of unwanted clumps. Due to the thinning of hemoglobin, there is an aid towards the clotting process.


14. Skin Nourishment

Nutmeg is very effective in attaining beautiful and healthy skin. A scrub made with the cinnamon and honey helps in removing the blackheads and pimples caused due to the impurities. The cinnamon removes all the dirt and the impurities present in the blood.


15. Eases Arthritic Grief

An application of cinnamon oil eases the stress and the cramps towards the muscles and tissues. Cinnamon is a great tranquilizer towards the ailments and inflammations. For removal of grief towards the bone, manganese is very essential. A massage with the oil is a great pain remover.


16. Insect Resistant

The mixture of cinnamon and the sweetener is widely used to treat the insect stings. The properties of killing germs help in defending against the harmful insects. An application of cinnamon oil is very effective.


17. Healing Agent

Cinnamon is a great healing agent as it speeds up the recovery and cure of wounds. Cinnamon is effective when consumed internally and externally. The cinnamon is very effective towards the blood platelets which are responsible for formation of clots.


18. Alzheimer’s Disease

Cinnamon is proved to have a diminishing effect towards this disease. The compounds cinnamaldehyde and epicatechin are responsible in fighting against the symptoms of this disease.

19. Eliminates Yeast Contaminations

Due to the strong properties of killing germs, cinnamon oil along with cinnamon tea is very effective towards the contaminations caused due to the yeast. Cinnamon helps to eliminate the bacteria which cause stomach ulcers.


20. Cinnamon Tea

A pure residue of cinnamon can be consumed in form of tea or it can be added as a flavor to some other drink. The tea helps to regulate, maintain and reducing the risen cholesterol levels. The properties of killing germs, assists the body to fight against various harmful germs and helps in the circulation of hemoglobin in the body.

Cinnamon Tea



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