20 Weird But Amazing Uses Of Vodka


Vodka’s smoothness as well as versatility makes it not only a perfect drink and mixer but also a useful household remedy. Vodka has amazing antibacterial properties that make it a handy remedy for diverse ailments.

At the same time, its strong cleaning properties can make many household items shinier. Here are 20 amazing things that vodka can do other than getting you drunk.

Treatment Of Hair Problems

Add some vodka to your regular shampoo and feel your hair silkier, shinier and cleaner the next time you shampoo with this mixture. Vodka counteracts the effects of hard water and prevents minerals found in hard water from getting deposited on your hair. Also, vodka nourishes your fizz-prone hair. Vodka discards the ill-effects of parabens and silicones found in shampoos and alkaline substances (such as calcium carbonate) found in water.

Vodka maintains pH level of hair and thus prevents roughness and fizz. Vodka is a well known treatment for dandruff and hair loss and it boosts hair growth altogether. To remove dandruff, mix some rosemary leaves to vodka and let the mixture remain for 2 to 3 days. Strain the mixture and apply to your hair. Wash the mixture off with mild shampoo. Vodka is an excellent hair cleanser and prevents build-up that may cause hair loss.

Treatment of hair problems

Treatment For Poison Ivy

Playing outside often exposes kids and even adults to the dangerous stings of poison ivy. Vodka comes to rescue in such cases. Rubbing a few drops of vodka on the affected part dries up the skin and expels the oil that causes itching and inflammation. Similarly, vodka relieves itch and pain caused when a jelly fish bites you. Mix vodka and water in equal amounts and spray the mixture on the affected part.

Treatment for poison ivy

Preparation Of Herbal Tinctures

Vodka can be used to prepare herbal tinctures with fresh as well as dried herbs.Vodka is a natural preservative like many other alcohols. You can mix your favorite herbs with vodka and prepare herbal tinctures for various diseases mainly cold, flu, immune system, etc. Mix vodka and fresh herbs in 1:2 ratio and vodka and dried herbs in 5:1 ratio. This is because fresh herbs have water content of their own.

Preparation of herbal tinctures

Freshens Up Clothes

Next time you are washing clothes do not forget your clothes’ buddy – vodka. Take a spray bottle, pour some vodka into it and lightly spray on your laundry. Once the clothes dry up, the smell of vodka will vanish along with undesired odors and leave your clothes smelling fresh as new.

Freshens up clothes

Cleans Different Surfaces

Vodka is an excellent surface cleaner and works wonders where water proves insufficient. For example, cleaning your computer screen with water may leave some blemishes and smears but vodka leaves no such stains. It gives a seamless complexion to the computer screen. At the same time, vodka can efficiently clean your eyeglasses. Just put some vodka in a tiny spray bottle and carry it to replenish your eyeglasses on the go.

Vodka is equally effective in cleaning jewelry and make them even shinier. Soak your jewelry in a vodka solution and scrub a little to get a whole new look on your old jewelry.  You can use vodka to cleanse your razor blades too. Soaking razor blades in vodka solution would prevent build-ups and disinfect it altogether. Vodka can also effectively take off the molds away from the shower. Just put some vodka on a toothbrush and clean your shower.

Cleans different surfaces

Preserves Fresh Flowers

If you want to smell those fresh flowers for a bit longer then make use of that vodka bottle in your house. Production of ethylene gas causes maturation of the flowers. Vodka delays production of ethylene and hence lets the flowers stay fresh for longer. Mix vodka and sugar in the ratio of 2:1 and put it in a spray bottle. Spray the mixture on your flowers and repeat it every other day.

Preserves fresh flowers

Tightens Skin Pores

Vodka can be the best buddy of your skin as it keeps many a skin problems at bay. It is an excellent astringent and hence removes excessive oil, tightens skin pores and prevents pimples, acne and other problems.

Tightens skin pores

Repels Insects

Vodka is highly effective in repelling insects because of its smell. For higher efficiency, you can mix some lavender to it, the smell of which the insects do not like.

Repels insects

Relief From Toothache

Vodka comes quite as handy as clove in relieving toothache. This is primarily because of the bacteria-killing properties of vodka.Vodka kills the bacteria that causes pain in the tooth. Similarly, vodka can relieve earaches caused by bacteria. But you will have to be very careful while putting drops of vodka in the affected part of the ear.

Relief from toothache

Freshens Your Room

Vodka dissolves odors and for the same reason it can be used as a room freshener. Mix vodka and water in equal parts and spray the mixture in your room for a freshness to linger.

Freshens your room

As Mouthwash

Vodka also comes handy as a mouthwash because of its ability to fight bacterial infection. Gargle your mouth with some vodka (remember not to swallow). People with greater sensitivity should dilute the vodka with equal amount of mint oil.

As mouthwash

Removes Band Aid Easily

Removing the band-aid is a painful and tricky affair. With vodka, the effort required to remove the band-aid off an injury gets minimized. Vodka dilutes the adhesive of band-aid. It proves to be effective in removing all sorts of stickiness from any surface.

Removes Band aid easily

Cures Foot Odor

One of the most embarrassing moments in our lives is when someone points out our feet smells. Powdering, changing socks frequently are some of the best known remedies but vodka too can come to our rescue in such times. Soaking your feet in a bucket of vodka mixed with water would diminish the odor considerably. This happens because vodka kills odor-causing bacteria. Let your feet dry up so that the vodka smell is gone. Wash your feet with scented soap later.

Cures foot odor

Treatment Of Cold Sores

Vodka alleviates cold sore inflammation. It dries the area and reduces the redness. Dab some vodka on your cold sores for instant relief.

Treatment of cold sores

Removes Stains

Vodka is highly regarded for its ability in removing any kind of stains – that of lipstick, ink, etc. Put some vodka over such stains and rub it and the stain will be gone easily. You can also properly wash the garment afterwards for better cleaning.

Removes stains

Kills Bees And Wasps

Vodka acts as a deterrent to annoying bees and wasps. Just put some vodka in a spray bottle and spray around the room to get rid of flying bees and wasps.

Kills bees and wasps

Cures Fever

Acting as a liniment, vodka proves to be effective in reducing fever. When applied to the forehead, vodka evaporates quickly and offers cooling relief. You can also put the vodka soaked cloth on your chest for relief.

Cures fever

Cures Blisters

Pouring vodka over cut skin would disinfect the dermis that is exposed due to blisters and cuts. It acts as a local anesthetic and relieves pain and itching.

Cures Blisters

As Hand Sanitizer

The very fact that vodka has antibacterial properties makes it a good homemade hand sanitizer. Take a small spray bottle, put some vodka in it and carry it wherever you go.

As hand sanitizer

Preparation Of Vanilla Extract 

Take a container, put some vanilla beans into it, and top it with some vanilla beans. Slice open the beans and stick them to vodka. Let it stay for at least 6 weeks. You vanilla extract will be ready in no time.

Preparation Of Vanilla Extract



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