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20 Most Under Rated Healing Herbs


When it comes to cooking, we use a lot of natural herbs in our daily food. We use it either to spice up our dish or add extra flavor to it. There are plenty of natural herbs that come with interesting flavors, aromas and great foliage. But what people fail to see is the medicinal qualities these herbs come with.

We List 20 Such Natural Herbs Which Are Under Rates In This Regard


The meaning of the name in German is ” heals the eye”. This herb is exceptionally good for the ailment of eyes. Besides, it is also good for skin care, sore throat, cold and healing of wounds.



Owing to its high protein content, Alfalfa is used as a livestock fodder. It is great for treating nausea that is caused by morning sickness. It is also helpful in treating kidney stone problems and to flush toxins from liver and gastro intestinal disorders.



In terms of flavor, aniseed resembles fennel, anise and liquorice. It is useful in reducing flatulence, improving digestion and curing nausea. It is also effective in increasing the milk supply in pregnant women.



cardamom is a great herbal remedy to treat gastro intestinal tracts and can also cleanse the blood from bad cholesterol. It also has anti depressant, anti spasmodic and anti inflammatory properties.



Catmint falls into the clan of spearmint and peppermint. It is renown for its stimulating effects on felines. Catmint tea can cure sore throat problems, head ache and sinus pressure. This is also known to decrease fever as the herb generates a lot of sweat in human body.


Sweet Cicely

Just like anise or liquorice, even sweet cicely is edible from roots to flowers. It is used as a low glycemic sweetener. The seeds are sweet enough to be used in health diets and desserts. It can effectively treat anxiety disorders and hyper tension. It also cures coughing and stomach aches.

sweet cisely

Red Clover

This herb is one of the most famous among the species of the same family. The tea made of red clover is said to be really helpful in curing congestion and cough related problems. It is also a good detoxificationof both body and blood.

Red Clover


We all use this in our daily cooking but aren’t aware of its health benefits. It is said tohelp in producing insulin by stimulating pancreas. This regulates the glucose level in blood. It also regulates cholesterol levels.



This is a natural herb that has been used in ancient times but not everyone is aware of its medicinal qualities. It is said to decrease pain, show anti inflammatory properties, relieve head aches and treat anxiety disorders.



This herb has been used by native American people since a long time owing to its anti inflammatory qualities and is a natural dieuretic. It also cures infections caused in the tracts of urine.



It is one among the oldest renown herbs that has medicinal qualities. It is a strong anti microbial which cleanses the body and cures fungal infections also.



This belongs to the carrot clan which has a great flavor. It can relieve sore throat issues. It can heal digestive problems and decreases flatulence. It also cures ulcers in the stomach. It can also take care of skin care problems.



It is a natural herb which is a great cure for problems like allergic rashes and pimples. Basically, the herb is too useful for dermatological problems. It also decreases joint swelling and relieves headaches.


Sweet Marjoram

It is a great complement to dishes and vegetable soups, also chicken meat and pork meat. This herb is mostly useful for digestion related problems and is also a great anti oxidant.

sweet majoram


Despite being a great warehouse of vitamin C, this is the most underrated herb. It is also rich in iron content that is said to strengthen the immunity and blood circulation systems. It is also a great healer of skin problems.



It is getting popular for being a sweetener that is calorie free. It heals burns, treats digestion problems and is also said to be a reliever of hyper tension.



Tansy leaves are a great repellant of insects. This quality is what makes them a main ingredient in bug sprays. These leaves are highly toxic and can destroy parasitic worms.


Sweet Violet

This is usually made into a syrup and is one among the best medicinal herbs available. It relieves headache, soreness of muscles and body pains. It is a great relaxant and treats insomnia.


Winter Savory

It is also a useful herb that can reduce digestion problems and flatulence. It is also a cure for diarrhea.

winter savory


It is a natural herb that increases the immunity and also a great medicine for cold. It is also a great anti septic.


Now that you know the herbs that were underrated, include them in your daily cooking for great benefits!


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