20 Ingenious Uses For Everyday Herbs

Even an ordinary meal can be made extraordinary by adding fresh / dried herbs. Herbs impart great flavor to food. Besides enhancing food with flavor, herbs both fresh and dried, have been used for centuries as vital ingredients in preparing many potent natural medicines. The antibacterial properties of herbal extracts can also heal a variety of skin ailments.

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From keeping pesky mosquitoes at bay to easing a painful toothache, there are numerous ingenious uses for everyday herbs. Understanding the many uses of herbs can help us to utilize them for multifarious purposes. Some inventive uses for common herbs are explained in this article.

Ingenious Uses for Everyday Herbs

To Freshen Breath

Common herbs are used in numerous home made remedies to battle bad breath. Medical research has shown that everyday herbs not only help to mask the problem of bad breath, but they also help to get rid of this malady completely. Chewing on sprigs of mint, peppermint, spearmint, sage or parsley can help to neutralize bad breath.


Remove Under Eye Circle

Dark under eye circles can drive any beauty conscious soul around the bend. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on expensive concealers and under-eye creams you can use common herbs to alleviate this conventional beauty problem. Simply apply extracts of mint, parsley or sage on the under eye area to gently fade out the most stubborn of under eye dark circles.

dark circle

Fights Acne

Treating acne with conventional medicines can lead to numerous side effects. The potent anti-bacterial properties of common herbs like basil can help to clear out the most stubborn forms of acne. To fight the symptoms of acne simply add half a teaspoon of dried basil leaves to a cup of luke-warm water. Drink this concoction first thing in the morning on an empty stomach to cure acne problem.


Removes Dandruff

Common herbs like rosemary, thyme and parsley are much more effective in eradicating dandruff problem than expensive commercial shampoos. The best way to combat dandruff is to prepare a hair rinse using these common herbs. You can also add fresh rosemary, thyme or parsley leaves to hot oil and rub this infusion into your scalp to ease dandruff condition.


Natural Perfume

The uplifting aroma of common herbs like basil and marjoram can be used to prepare stimulating and revitalizing natural perfumes. Herbs can impart a rich, spicy scent which can linger on your skin for several hours. To prepare a fragrant herbal perfume, simply rub a few sprigs of marjoram or basil on your pulse spots.

Natural Perfume

Memory Booster

More and more people are turning to common herbs to boost their memory power and brain function. The numerous vitamins and minerals which are present in everyday herbs help improve overall concentration and memory. Regular intake of herbs like rosemary, sage, holy basil and peppermint can have a positive effect on cognition.


Fights Toothache

A toothache can be an extremely painful and irksome experience. Next time you have a painful toothache, reach for a sprig of tarragon instead of an OTC painkiller. The natural anesthetic properties of common herbs like peppermint and tarragon help to numb the excruciating pain of a toothache.


Removes Toxins from the Body

The natural detox properties of common herbs are well known. Tarragon which is called the ‘king of herbs’ in France, aids in removing toxins from the body by improving the production of bile. To prevent a buildup of toxins inside the body, you should chew on a sprig on fresh tarragon first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Furthermore, the powerful detoxifying properties of tarragon can help to prevent the formation of different types of cancer cells.

Fights Common Cold

Everyday herbs can be used to alleviate the symptoms of a common cold. In fact, immune boosting herbs like oregano, peppermint and thyme are great natural alternatives to fight a nasty cold. Drinking a cup of hot tea brewed from peppermint leaves, thyme sprigs or oregano leaves is a miracle cure for common cold.


Eases Urinary Tract Infection

E-Coli bacteria are primarily responsible for urinary tract infections. The antibacterial properties of common herbs like holy basil, thyme and oregano can help to ease urinary tract infection by killing off the E-coli bacteria. Individuals suffering from mild to moderate UTI are advised to drink several cups of freshly brewed herbal teas prepared from thyme, basil or oregano to ease the symptoms of this condition.


Strengthens Bones

Regular intake of specific herbs can help to strengthen bones and prevent bone degenerative diseases like osteoporosis. People who fall into the high risk category for osteoporosis like post menopausal women should consume herbs like marjoram on a regular basis. The high levels of vitamin K present in marjoram helps to prevent bone degeneration to a large extent.

Strengthens Bones

Improves Lung Function

Traditional herbs like rosemary and thyme are known to improve lung function vastly. People suffering from chronic weak lung conditions like asthma can benefit vastly, if they take herbs like thyme or rosemary regularly. To improve lung function drastically, drink herbal teas prepared from fresh rosemary or thyme leaves at least twice a day.

lung disease

Relieves Headache

Coriander leaves also known as cilantro not only imparts a fresh flavor to food, but these leaves can also be used to ease a debilitating headache. To relieve a throbbing headache, simply apply fresh coriander juice on the forehead. This herb can be extremely beneficial to people who suffer from recurrent migraine headaches.


Strengthens Immunity

Individuals with a weak immune system are prone to suffer from all kinds of ailments. Common herbs like holy basil, rosemary and coriander leaves are superheroes when it comes to strengthening the immune system. The immune boosting property of these common herbs is generally attributed to the numerous vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which are present in them.

Strengthens Immunity

Fights Fatigue

It is an ill conceived secret that fatigue is a malady of modern living. The best way to fight fatigue including incapacitating adrenal fatigue is to drink herbal teas. Herbal teas prepared from fresh rosemary or thyme leaves can help to fight general fatigue. To fight mental fatigue drink a cup of piping hot basil tea.


Acts as Mosquito Repellent

The natural oils present in common herbs like rosemary and peppermint can help to get rid of pesky mosquitoes. To repel mosquitoes simply crush a few leaves of peppermint or rosemary, and put the leaves in a bowl of hot water. Alternately you can rub a handful of crushed rosemary, peppermint or holy basil leaves on your skin to keep mosquitoes at bay.

Mosquito Repellent

Keeps Mice at Bay

Rats dislike the smell of common herbs like peppermint, oregano and sage. To repel rats simply prepare a spray by chopping the leaves of any of these herbs into a pot of boiling water. Once the water cools down completely remove the herbs and transfer the remaining liquid to a clean spray bottle. Spray the solution inside your house and in the garden to get rid of rats.


Works as a Household Cleaner

Commercial household cleaners are loaded with toxins which can prove extremely harmful to your general health and wellbeing. Herbal antibacterial cleaners, prepared from natural herbal extracts, have become extremely popular in a very short period of time. Simply crush some fresh thyme or rosemary leaves and add the leaves to a liter of water. Wipe your countertops, cupboards, floor and kitchen cabinets with this safe herbal disinfectant to have a clean, bacteria free home.

Household Cleaners

Natural Air Freshener

The invigorating smell of basil, peppermint or rosemary can mask unpleasant odors. Crush a few leaves of any one of these herbs and place them in a small bowl of hot water. The aromatic vapors can leave a sweet lingering scent in the atmosphere.

Natural Air Freshener

Used As A Natural Dye

The dark rosy color imparted by saffron strands which is immersed in a cup of water can be used to color fabrics. To dye a length of fabric simply immerse a couple of strands of saffron in some luke-warm water. After a few minutes transfer the rosy hued liquid to a bucket of water and then immerse the cloth in the solution.

Natural Dye



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