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18 Superb Home Remedies For Perfect Hair Straightening


Having perfectly straightened tresses is a dream for many women who are stuck with curly, entangled or frizzy hair. Most salon treatments use hair damaging and unhealthy techniques like heat and chemicals to straighten out hair strands. Switch to home based remedies to get your hair straightened without compromising on their quality.

18 Superb Home Remedies That Are Safe And Give You Perfectly Straight Hair

1. Milk With Honey

Get an amazing hair straightening result with this easy remedy. Prepare a mixture of milk with honey and throw in some fresh strawberries. Apply this to hair and shampoo after an hour. Doing this twice weekly can straighten hair and clear up frizz over time.


2. Fuller’s Earth

Fuller’s earth dries and thickens hair to a straighter form. Combine it with rice flour and one egg-white to prepare a running paste. Comb the tangles out of your hair before applying the paste and dry well before washing.

Fuller’s Earth

3. Hot Oil

Hot oil therapy using any hair oil or coconut oil can create wonderfully straight hair. Apply warm oil thoroughly on the scalp and from till tip of the hair. Cover with a heated towel and remove only after 15-20 minutes. The hair becomes straightened after rinsing.


4. Coconut Milk

Mix up coconut milk with lemon juice for a top-notch way of attaining perfectly straight hair. Before you apply the mixture allow it to coagulate for 30 minutes and cover with hot towel for 15 minutes later. Wash with a mild shampoo.

Coconut Milk

5. Bananas With Papaya

Banana is a natural moisturizer and starchy enough for straightening your hair. Prepare a hair mask blending together one banana with half papaya. Alternately combine bananas with two tablespoons lemon juice for a visible effect on frizz reduction.


7. Castor Oil

Castor oil nourishes, detangles and straightens hair naturally. Warm up some castor oil and apply to hair scalp, covering hair with a hot towel for 20 minutes for good results.

castor oil

8. Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera gel is superb for hair straightening and moisturizes the hair as well. Mix one-fourth of Aloe gel with two teaspoons olive oil and apply. Leave for 20 minutes before shampooing it.

Aloe Vera Gel

9. Rosemary

Unruly and curly hair can be straightened well with Rosemary that has amazing moisturizing and conditioning qualities. Steep fresh or dried rosemary leaves in hot water for 15 minutes and after cooling apply to hair with one spoonful of vinegar. Massaging hair with rosemary oil is equally effective.


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10. Vinegar

Vinegar can cleanse the hair of germ presence, clear up excess oil from clogged hair follicles and straighten tangled and curly hair strands. Dilute vinegar with some water before applying and rinse after one hour.


11. Almond Oil

Almond oil is a natural hair tonic that keeps roughened hair moisturized and soothes out curls. It can be combined with any regular conditioner and applied for fresh looking straightened hair.

Almond oil

12. Celery

Resolve your hair straightening woes with antioxidant packed celery juice. Blend a bunch of celery leaves and refrigerate overnight to allow the juice to obtain a deeper hue. Gently pour and massage the hair with this and let dry well, washing off later.


13. Honey & Strawberry

Honey and strawberry are excellent for hair straightening. Take three teaspoons of honey and add mashed strawberries to it. Two spoons of milk can be additionally added. Apply the mixture to hair and wrap a towel around them. Shampoo after an hour and brush the hair straight.


14. Olive Oil & Yogurt

Get the twin results of hair straightening with cleansing from a mixture of olive oil with yogurt. Allow the mixture to stand for an hour. Apply and cover with a hot towel or shower cap for several hours before rinsing.


15. Milk

The milk proteins are great for soothing curls out. Wash hair with some milk and rub evenly through the scalp so it is uniformly spread. Allow to dry off before washing. Do this regularly to achieve salon like results in hair straightening.


16. Rice Flour

Rice flour being coarse and starchy has hair tightening and toning ability. It can be combined with egg whites in proportion of 4 tablespoon to one egg white and applied to hair couple of times a week to straighten hair.

Rice Flour

17. Soybean Oil

Massaging your hair with warmed up soyabean oil and washing later can effectively straighten out hair. Soyabean oil can be applied with other oils like castor, coconut, almond etc.


18. Egg Mask

Egg whites whipped up with some vinegar are an awesome combo for hair straightening. Alternately you can combine two eggs with 2 tablespoons of olive oil and apply for an hour before washing off.

egg mask

19. Gooseberry Powder

Powder of Indian Gooseberry when combined with rice flour fortifies and straightens hair. Combine two tablespoons of each and add half-cup yogurt for consistency. Apply, dry and later, wash off.

gooseberry powder



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