18 Super Benefits Of Mustard For The Body Hair And Skin


Native to the temperate regions of Europe, Mustard, owing to its strong and powerful qualities, has managed to travel the world and made its presence felt across diverse cultures. From culinary to health uses, mustard has multiple uses and is available in 3 varieties, black, brown and white(yellow).

The Various Benefits Of Mustard Are

Protects Against Cancer 

The phytonutrients present in mustard can inhibit the growth of cancer cells and tumors, especially in the gastrointestinal tracts. It also prevents the existing cancer cells from spreading and the selenium present in mustard provides protection against the free radicals of the cancer cells.


Skin Infections 

Mustard has antimicrobial properties and contains elements like sulphur which due to their antifungal nature can inhibit the growth of germs. Mustard can be ground and mixed with water to make a paste and applied on infections to heal them fast and quick.


Heart Health 

Intake of mustard is known to be beneficial for heart health and is said to reduce chest pain and ventricular enlargement. It is also known to prevent the heart blockages and the omega 3 fats present in mustard provide a boost to the cardiovascular health.


Aches And Pains 

Intake of mustard can reduce spasms and sore muscles in the body. The selenium and magnesium can help in reducing pains associated with the back and limbs and even headaches can be reduced by applying mustard oil on the head. Mustard has analgesic effects that helps in reducing rheumatism, treat paralysis of the limbs and reduce pain in the muscles of the body.


Detoxifies The Body

Mustard contains antioxidants that can help in cleaning the toxins out from the body and also acts as an antidote to poison and excess alcohol consumption. The glucosinolates help in eradicating toxins and aids in poison repulsion.



Skin infections like ringworms can be healed with the topical application of mustard paste on the affected area.



Diabetes patients should include mustard in their diets to manage the insulin levels. Mustard is known to reduce glycosylated proteins and serum glucose and control sugar levels.


Controls Cholesterol And Blood Pressure 

The leaves of mustard are very effective in controlling the bad cholesterol and maintaining the level of good cholesterol in the body. It also strengthens the arteries and veins of the heart and controls the level of blood pressure. Mustard leaves can be steamed and eaten for deriving maximum benefits from them.


Protects From Nerve Damage 

The manganese in mustard keeps the nerves healthy and has a positive effect on damaged nerves and helps in healing them fast.



Mustard intake can help in managing the symptoms of menopause like cramps, joint pains and mood swings. The magnesium and calcium are necessary for bone health and manganese improves the mental state and soothes the nerves.


Respiratory Disorders

Nasal congestions and sinus problems can be treated with the use of mustard. Rub mustard oil on the nose, back and chest to relieve the congestion and ease the sinus pain. Even bronchial problems can be eased with the use of mustard. Or, mustard tea can be made and drank to pacify swollen airways and release all the phlegm from them.



Mustard seeds are rich in iron, copper, magnesium, selenium and more. All these help in better circulation inside the body and protects the body from the attacks of asthma, and helps in loosening of the mucus that swells and blocks the airways.


Weight Loss

The B complex and folates help in increasing the metabolism of the body, which helps in faster weight loss.

Weight Loss


Various infections of the stomach can be treated with mustard. Piles, fissure and constipation problems can be treated as mustard is high in fiber and has antioxidant properties to help in flushing the waste out of the system smoothly.

Stomach Problems


Mustard helps in increasing the immune power of the body. The oil can be used as a medium for cooking or mustard tea can be drunk to treat problems of the stomach, fight infections of the skin, nose and chest. Its antioxidizing nature can inhibit the growth of malignant cells in the body.


Culinary Uses

Mustard leaves are used in salads, and the seeds are used for tempering to add flavors and seasoning to the food. Seeds also act as a preservative to make pickles and give a tangy taste to dishes.


Good For The Skin

A mustard paste made out of mustard seeds can be applied to acne, which helps in drying them up, it can also be added to body scrubs. The oil can be used as a body massage to get a soft and supple skin. The vitamin A, K and C helps in slowing the ageing process and protects the skin from oxidation harm.


Hair Care 

Mustard oil is very effective in promoting good hair growth and fighting problems like dandruff and itchy scalp. Mustard oil must be massaged into the hair at least once a week to get healthy and shiny hair.

Healthy Hair


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