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17 Home Remedies for Nappy Rash

nappy rash remedies

When a baby is born, her skin is perfect. It is soft, smooth and flawless that any elder can yearn for. But parents often get dismayed when their baby wakes with some unsightly rashes on their bottom. Therefore, it’s important to know about diaper or nappy rash although, it’s not a serious problem. Diaper rash result from irritation of the skin on baby’s bottom. It’s usually caused by prolonged contact with urine or poo, resulting in soreness and red blotches. Fungal infection can also result in rashes, triggered by warm and damp conditions. Nappy rashes are often mild and can clear up with the help of OTC healing creams. One should also change the baby’s nappy more often than usual and keep the area clean and dry. Home remedies are equally effective for the problem. Read the complete article for some useful tips.

17 Home Remedies for Nappy Rash


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