17 Health Benefits And Uses Of Lemon Essential Oil

lemon oil

Lemon essential oil is used to treat a wide variety of health problems. It has amazing health promoting properties like calming, stimulating, detoxifying, astringent, antiseptic, disinfectant, antifungal and disinfectant properties. Lemon oil is used to treat fever, infections, stress, obesity, asthma, skin disorder, insomnia, stomach problems, hair problems and fatigue. Lemon oil is also used for many household purposes like for freshening up the air, house hold cleaning etc. Adding lemon oil in water can help to get rid of bacteria from water. Since lemon oil blends well with other essential oils like lavender oil, peppermint oil, sandalwood oil etc., it is widely used in aromatherapy.

Lemon Essential Oil Can Be Used To Address Following Health Issues

Reduces Stress And Anxiety

The calming nature of lemon oil helps to refresh the mind reducing anxiety and stress. Preliminary research shows that lemon oil, because of its nice odor, helps to remove mental fatigue, nervousness, exhaustion and dizziness and helps to increase concentration and alertness.


Rejuvenates The Skin

The astringent and detoxifying properties of lemon oil can bring glow to dull and dry skin. Its antiseptic properties can help to treat acne and pimples and other skin disorders. It can also remove excess oil from the skin which causes acne and pimples. For treating acne and pimples, add 2-3 drops of lemon essential oil in your facial cleanser. By removing the dead skin cells, it will provide clear glowing skin.


Boosts Immune System

Lemon oil contains vitamin C in considerable amounts which helps to defend bacteria and virus and increases body’s ability to fight off diseases. Lemon oil improves circulation and aids in lymphatic drainage. To get relief from cold symptoms, add few drops of lemon oil in coconut oil and rub in your neck, chest and forehead.

Immune System

Brings Relief From Allergy And Asthma Attack

Inhaling the intense aroma of lemon oil can help to open up the congested nasal passage and breakup phlegm and mucus and allow steady breathing in asthmatic patients. For clearing congestion, add few drops of lemon essential oil to warm water and inhale the steam by gently leaning over it. You can combine any other essential oil like eucalyptus oil or peppermint essential oil also. This will help to expand the constricted airways and bring relief from lung spasms. Also apply lemon oil behind the ears, on the bottom of your feet and neck to find quick relief from asthma and allergy attacks.



The citrus fragrance and calming nature of lemon essential oil enhances function of the brain, elevates mood, relieves from anxiety and depression and helps to induce sleep. Those who suffer from insomnia can get good sleep by using lemon oil as diffuser or spreading few drop on their pillow.


Weight Loss

Lemon oil can help reduce weight. Drinking water after adding 2-3 drops of lemon oil will help to control your appetite and help to reduce weight.

Weight Loss

Promotes Digestive Health

Lemon oil being carminative helps to cure many digestive problems like indigestion, stomach ache, irritable bowel syndrome, flatulence, indigestion and acidity by stimulating the function of liver and pancreas.


Promotes Healthy Hair

Lemon oil can be used as hair tonic to treat dandruff problem and get silky, shiny and healthy hair. Lemon oil has many other uses also

Healthy Hair

Acts As Good Cleanser

Lemon oil has good cleansing power. It can be used for cleansing dishes, clothes, metal surfaces, being good disinfectant lemon oil can be used to clean surfaces, kitchen knives, utensils etc.


Insect Repellent

Combining lemon oil with eucalyptus and peppermint oil can make effective insect repellent for repelling mosquitoes and other insects.



The refreshing aroma of lemon oil is used for perfumes, aromatic candles, diffuser etc.


Soaps And Cosmetics

The refreshing and invigorating scent and antiseptic quality of lemon oil is used in soaps, detergents, face washes and cosmetics.


Teeth Whitener

Lemon oil can be used for whitening your teeth. Mix a drop of lemon oil with baking soda and brush your teeth. Yellow tinge will be gone and you will get sparkling white teeth.


Use As Remover

Lemon oil can be used to remove sticky gum from carpet, hair, for removing sticker from jars and bottles. Lemon oil can also be used for removing crayon marks and stains from the walls.


Removes Stain

Lemon oil is great for removing gum from hair or carpet, removing sticky residue from labels on bottles and jars. Lemon oil will also remove crayon marks from walls.

Removes Stain

Clean Your Hands

When regular soap cannot clean your greasy hands properly, add 2-3 drops of lemon oil to your soap. It will not only clean your hands but disinfect them.


Add Flavor

Lemon oil is used in cakes, pastries, confectionaries to add nice flavor.

add flavor


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