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16 Surprising Uses And Benefits Of Marijuana Tea


Marijuana smoking might be injurious to health and is still banned in many states, but its tea is herbal in nature and is made by infusing the leaves in hot water. It has pain relieving properties and can soothe a jittery and anxious mind. Adding milk to the tea can minimize its benefits and it is best had in herbal form.

Here Are 16 Surprising Uses And Benefits Of Marijuana Tea

1. Eye Problems

The compounds present in this tea are known to have a positive effect on the eye health and can improve vision and eradicate eye troubles like glaucoma.

Eye Problems

2. Reduces Muscle Pain

The ingestion of marijuana is known to lessen muscle spasms and reduce inflammation that results in aches and pains in the body.

Reduces Muscle Pain

3. Appetite

This tea can stimulate hunger and increase appetite and hence, patients suffering from chronic diseases like cancer who undergo chemotherapy and do not want to eat can be given this tea to feel hungry and prevent extra loss of weight.


4. Cancer

Patients suffering from cancer can ingest marijuana for its calming effects on the nerves. It thwarts the aggressiveness of the unhealthy tumors that lead to the growth of cancers and is especially known to benefit patients suffering from breast cancer.


5. Anxiety

Due to its calming effects, marijuana can reduce anxiety and restlessness. It can soothe frayed nerves and relax the mind of people who are suffering from chronic life-threatening diseases like cancer and AIDs.


6. Depression

Not only can it soothe an anxious mind, it helps in alleviating depressed moods as well. People who feel low and suffer from constant mood swings can drink marijuana tea to overcome depression and even reduce nightmares that occur in people and distort sleep.


7. Cognitive Health

Marijuana tea can improve nerve health and reduce inflammation in the nerves to reduce soreness and pain.

Cognitive Health

8. Alzhiemers

It can enhance memory and improve cognitive health in patients suffering from Alzheimer’s and can prove relaxing to patients suffering from Parkinson’s.


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9. Lungs

The ingestion of marijuana tea can improve the resistance power of the lungs and prevent the onset of many respiratory problems by strengthening them and increasing their lung capacity.


10. Weight Loss

Marijuana tea is known to reduce weight by dissolving the body fat and controlling the blood sugar levels, that could result in smaller waistline and low body weight.

Weight Loss

11. Metabolism

The significant improvement in the blood sugar levels by drinking marijuana tea can help in increasing the metabolism of the body and it also gives added energy that helps in performing all activities smoothly.


12. Bowel Problems

There are certain chemicals found in marijuana that can inhibit the growth of bacteria leading to inflammatory bowel diseases like ulcers, colitis, etc.

Bowel problems

13. Crohn’s Disease

Chronic conditions like the Crohn’s disease can be treated with marijuana tea. Problems like abdominal pain, diarrhea, and rectal bleeding  that are associated with Crohn’s disease, can be healed with the help of marijuana tea.

Crohn's Disease

14. Arthritis

Arthritis is the result of inflammation in the joints. Marijuana tea can alleviate pain and reduce the inflammation in the joints without any side effects.


15. Heart

The damage from heartattacks are reduced with the ingestion of marijuana tea, it keeps the heart protected during a blockage and acts as a vasodilator to promote smooth blood flow to the heart.


16. Stroke

The area of the brain that is stroke affected and damaged can be treated with the aid of this tea.




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