16 Natural Remedies To Get Shiny Nails

Natural Remedies To Get Shiny Nails

Strong healthy nails reflect your health condition. Doctors often examine the patient’s nail to find out about the patient’s health and wellbeing. Nails can tell whether a person is suffering from malnutrition, infection or any other health problem. If your nails appear dull, there can be deficiency of minerals and vitamin in your body. For making your nails appear healthy and shiny, you need to take care of your nails both internally as well as externally. Eating a healthy balance diet that provides all the vital nutrients will make your nails shine from within. And external care that keeps your nail healthy and beautiful is also necessary for getting shiny nails. A coat of nail polish is not the only way to bring shine to your nails; rather nail polishes are full of harsh chemicals which create a barrier and prohibit oxygen, nutrients and moisture from reaching the nails. Using nail paints regularly also makes nail discolored and damaged. You can make your nails look shiny, healthy and beautiful using natural ingredients easily available in your kitchen pantry.

16 Natural Remedies To Get Shiny Nails


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