16 Health Benefits Of Vitex Herb

Vitex Herb

Vitex herb has been in use since the ancient times mostly as female remedy. The most famous property is in reducing the sexual desire. It is also known as chaste berry tree. It has been sufficiently investigated for the effects of therapeutic. Decoctions of this fruit as well as plant was quite in use for diseases caused at the uterus. . It helps in reducing or eliminating the PMS symptoms like anxiety, insomnia, and nervous tension, mood changes. There are various benefits of the vitex herbs since ancient times and are still in use for curing many kinds of factors.

Here Are 16 Amazing Benefits Of Vitex Herb To Be Known


The acne caused due to menopause in a women can be removed by eating the vitex herb on a regular basis. This removes the germs from the skin and purifies the blood in the body and leaves the skin looking oil free.



This herb has the components that fights certain diseases and makes the body healthy and away from these diseases. It reduces the risk of being affected by the diseases. Therefore, it protects the body from any infections.



Consume vitex herb every morning and it helps in achieving a healthy body, not affected by any kind of diseases. It removes the risk of getting affected by diarrhea.



This herb kills the bacterial as well as viral infections from the body. It maintains the level of the body and leaves it healthy. It protects the body for getting infected from any external source.


Ear Disorders

People having problem in hearing usually use hearing aids. This is not necessary as far as vitex herb is available. It cures the hearing problems of a person and slowly helps that person to hear properly.


Skin Diseases

This herb removes rashes or scars caused on the skin. It cures the damaged skins caused due to certain infections on the skin.

Skin Inflammation

Female Infertility

This herb plays a very important role for the benefits of women. It improves the infertility of a female. It has certain abilities to decrease the huge levels of prolactin and thereby benefiting the infertile women.

Female Infertility


As mentioned earlier, it purifies the body and keeps the infections caused by bacteria and virus away. It is now considered as one of the best herb in aiding certain diseases like the fibroid cysts of uterus as well as endometriosis.


Vitex Herb Provides Strength

Regular consumption of vitex herb helps in getting internal strength. This herb is a natural strength gaining herb as has been in used since ancient times.


Breast Disease

Women are able in sustaining a very great level of production of milk for breastfeeding when consuming this herb. It takes a certain period of time for this herb in taking effect, women were quite able in continue to use this herb for certain months without any kinds of side effects. It keeps the risk of breast disease away from women.

breast disease


This herb helps in getting relief from pains. It soothes the mind and gives a relaxation effect on the mind, body and soul.


Heart Disease

Vitex herb helps to reduce the risk of getting heart disease. It improves the blood flow throughout the body and helps in pumping the blood from the heart properly.

 Heart Disease

Liver Disorders

It not only supports the heart, but also plays a major role in protecting the liver from any kind of infections from outside. The disorders formed in the liver gets reduced and makes the liver healthy.

Liver Disease


Many diseases such as malaria, tuberculosis or typhoid can be cured using this herb when taken or consumed on a regular basis.



It has been a very important remedy in the control and regulation of the reproduction system of female. It is used in easing the menopausal problems as well as help in aiding the birth process.



Same as mentioned before, this herb helps in easing or curing the most commonly caused diseases. Nausea can be cured by consuming this herb either in solid or liquid form.


This herb stimulates the release of certain hormones such as Luteinizing Hormone (LH) as well as inhibiting the release of hormone known as Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH). Its stems has benefits upon pituitary gland especially upon the production of hormone known as luteinizing hormone. This helps in increasing the production of progesterone and also helps in regulating a woman’s cycle. It has the ability in decreasing the excessive levels of prolactin and benefits the infertile women.


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