16 Best Benefits Of Clementine


Clementine is a small juicy fruit which belongs to the family of a special type of oranges- mandarin. This fruit has a dark orange colour and shiny in appearance. Clementine is also popularly called as seedless tangerines or Christmas oranges.

In This Article We Will Look At 16 Health Benefits Of Clementine

Prevents Damage Due To Free Radical

Clementine has various types of potent antioxidants such as limonene linalool, pinene, terpineol etc. that aids your body in protecting against damage due to free radicals.

free radical

Plenty Of Vitamin C

Clementine has high amounts of vitamin C that keeps your blood pressure under control and saves your arteries from hardening.

Blood pressure

Provides Healthy Skin

Clementine has beneficial amount of vitamin C that assists in the production of collagen in the body that acts as a structural component for maintaining healthy skin.


Anti-Ageing Properties

Vitamin C and several antioxidants are present in Clementine in large amounts which revitalize your aging skin and helps in reduction of the wrinkles.


Vital For Brain

Being a powerhouse of vital nutrients, Clementine is a natural source of folate which is proved to be helpful in promoting sound working of brain and also reduces stress and depression in a person.


Good For Pregnant Women

Being rich in Folate, clementine acts a very valuable fruit during pregnancy. Consuming this fruit on a regular basis protect the foetus from neural tube defects.


Boosts Immunity Levels

Clementine has abundance of phytonutrients, antioxidants and vitamin C that enhances the disease fighting capabilities of the body and also makes your immunity system strong.


Increase Density Of Bones And Muscles

Intake of this citrus and juicy clementine contributes towards keeping bones strong, dense and healthy. This is due to the high amounts of calcium and phosphorous in this amazing fruit.

Density Of Bones

Improves Digestive Health

Clementine has significant amount of fiber that add bulk to the stool and eases digestion. It helps in better absorption of nutrients and prevents constipation. Potassium present in clementine aids in normalizes contraction of muscles and relaxes them to eliminate waste from the body smoothly.


Beneficial For Cardiovascular Health

Clementine promotes healthy heart due to sufficient amounts of potassium mineral in it. Intake of this fruit normalizes irregular heartbeat and blood pressure in the body and also lowers the risk of hypertension and stroke.


Balances Electrolyte

Potassium in Clementine is useful to maintain adequate amount of electrolytes in the body. It also maintains the required amounts of natural water and fluids in the body which is very crucial for sound functioning of body.

Electrolyte Content Of The Body

Prevents Cancer

Clementine has good amounts of Vitamin C and effective bioactive molecules like limonoids, pectin and quercitin that exhibits specific anti-cancer properties to fighting against various kinds of cancer and development of cancer powerfully.


Oil For Aromatherapy

Clementine oil has uses in aromatherapy. Its oil relieves pain and also rejuvenates one’s body. It has got specific purifying properties and gives one peaceful and restful sleep.


Uplifts Mood

A gentle massage with the oil made from clementine acts as a mood enhancer and improves mental clarity.

improve mood

Protects From Liver Ailments

Clementine has choline in it that assists in proper functioning of liver. It also saves one from getting affected with varied types of liver diseases.


Reduces Dental Inflammation

As a rich source of calcium and potassium, this fruit reduces the probabilities of dental inflammation and saves one from tooth loss.


So these are some of the benefits of consuming clementine. Enjoy this delicious fruit and keep a wide range of ailments at bay.



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