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16 Amazing Home Remedies For Removing Sun Tan

Home Remedies For Removing Sun Tan

Summer is the time for enjoying sunshine with family and friends, wear sleeveless pretty summer dresses and spend time outdoor in beaches and parks. Despite all the enjoyment, summer can play havoc on your skin. Excessive exposure to ultra violet rays of the sun speed up production of melanin in the skin which results in darkening of the skin particularly to the exposed parts like face, neck, legs and arms. Even applying sunscreen may not help in escaping tanning. Many women use de-tan or fairness creams which are not only expensive but also do not show promising result in getting rid of tan. There are many natural ingredients like honey, lemon juice, almond oil and butter milk right from your kitchen cabinet that can help you remove tan more efficiently without harming your skin. Here are 9 home made face packs that are excellent for your skin. Using of these face packs regularly for 10-15 days will help to remove tan successfully from your skin and return the glow to your skin.

16 Amazing Home Remedies For Removing Sun Tan


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