15 Weird But Amazing Uses For Milk


All of us are very well aware of the benefits of milk and milk products. These are the best sources of calcium which is essential for strong bones and teeth. In addition, milk contains many other essential nutrients such as vitamins A, B12 and D, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, protein, etc. Every mother ensures that her child gets to drink milk regularly. There is always enough supply of milk in the fridge for ready use in the kitchen.

Apart from being a tasty health drink on its own, milk is added to tea and is used as a product for cooking. Hot chocolate, coffee, and milkshakes are incomplete without milk. Cakes, pastries, and cookies turn out perfect with the use of milk. Did you know that milk can also be used in many other weird but amazing ways? So, even if you do not like to drink milk, or have some extra leftover milk, you could make use of it in many interesting ways in your household. Take a look at some of these weird but amazing ways to use milk.

15 Weird But Amazing Uses For Milk

1. Create A Sunburn Solution

Have you been out holidaying in the sun and find that you have a sunburn? The burnt skin can be very painful and causes a lot of discomfort. You can get relief from the sunburn by applying a sunburn solution created using milk. Simply add a little amount of salt to half a cup of thick, creamy milk and mix it well. Apply this solution on the burnt skin to get relief from the pain and burning sensation.

Sunburn Solution

2. Treat Insect Bites

Insect bites can be quite painful. The itchiness caused by an insect bite is very irritating and can also cause swelling in the area. You can get relief from the insect bite by applying a paste made of milk and salt. Applying this paste on the insect bites helps provide relief from itchiness and also brings down the swelling considerably. Alternately, you can also mix some oatmeal in cold milk and apply on the itchy skin.

Insect Bites

3. Use As A Hangover Cure

If you have been enjoying an evening out with friends, the excessive alcohol consumption is likely to give you a terrible hangover the next morning. But, instead of reaching out for that aspirin, simply have a glass of milk. Another weird but amazing use of milk is that it works as an excellent hangover cure. It helps settle your stomach and rehydrates your system.


4. Clean And Polish Your Furniture

It sounds really weird, doesn’t it? But it’s true – milk can also be used to clean your furniture. Simply add some lemon juice to milk and use this mixture to clean and polish your furniture. Milk helps remove the dirt and moisturizes the wood, while lemon juice removes the stains, leaving your furniture looking clean and shiny.


5.Quick Shine For Leather Items

Milk can also be used as a leather cleaner. How weird, but it’s true! You can easily clean your dirty leather items such as shoes, jackets, belts, wallets, etc. using some milk. Simply soak a piece of cloth in milk and then apply on the leather items. Let it dry for some time and then buff until the leather items turn clean and shiny.

 Leather Items

6. Fix The Cracks In Fine China

Another weird but really amazing way to use milk is to fix the cracks in fine china with it. Place your favorite china in a pan with a heavy bottom and add milk to cover it completely. Simmer for about an hour once the mixture boils. The proteins in the milk help to close the cracks in your favorite china.

Fix The Cracks In Fine China

7. Get Rid Of Stains Using Milk

Yes, you can even get rid of stains with the help of milk. Really weird, but it does work! You can remove ink stains from your clothes with the help of a little amount of milk. Simply soak the garment in milk, or dab some milk on the stains. Wash your garment the next morning and you will be amazed to see that the stain has vanished.

Get Rid Of Stains Using Milk

8. Prepare An Effective Hand Cleaner

If you have got your hand dirty from working in your kitchen, while repairing your car, or while tending to your garden, regular soap may not be sufficient for removing the dirt and grime. A mixture of oatmeal and milk is very effective as a hand cleaner. This paste helps remove the dirt and also leaves your hands soft and clean.

 Hand Cleaner

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9. Condition Your Hair

Milk can also be used as a natural conditioner for dry and rough hair. With its creamy texture, nutrients and protein content, milk works as an excellent conditioner for hair. Simply rinse your hair with milk and wash it off with water after a while. A paste of powdered milk and water can also be applied to the scalp. It nourishes your hair, leaving it soft and smooth.

Hair Conditioner

10. Use As A Shaving Cream

If you wake up one morning to realize your shaving cream is over, you need not worry about searching for a store that might be open so early in the morning. You can use milk as a replacement for your shaving cream. Really weird, isn’t it? Simply mix some powdered milk with water and add some powdered sugar. Apply this paste on the areas you want to shave.

 Shaving Cream

11. Polish Your Silverware

Milk can also be used to polish your silverware. How weird, but actually true! All you need to do is to soak your favorite silverware in sour milk and allow it to soak well throughout the night. In the morning, run some fresh water over the silverware and wipe it dry. You will find that your silverware is as shiny as new.

12. Fertilizer For Your Plants

This sounds really weird, but milk can also be used as a natural fertilizer for plants in your garden. Amazing, isn’t it! Farmers and gardeners often use milk as a natural fertilizer as it is rich in so many nutrients and is beneficial for the plants. It works as a natural fungicide and keeps your plants healthy.

Fertilizer For Your Plants

13. Remove Makeup Using Milk

It is best to remove all traces of makeup before going to bed at night. If you have been to a party, the heavy makeup can easily be removed using some milk. Simply dab a cotton ball in milk and use it to remove the makeup from your eyes, face and lips. This also helps moisturize your skin, leaving it soft and fresh.

Remove Makeup Using Milk

14. Use Milk To Make Frozen Fish Taste Good

Frozen fish seems to lose it flavor and taste, but it can’t be helped. However, there is a handy solution to this problem. Simply remove the frozen fish from the freezer and allow it to thaw in a bowl of milk. This helps improve the flavor of the fish and it will taste fresher as well.

se Milk To Make Frozen Fish Taste Good

15. Soothe The Poison ivy Rash

If you have been outdoors in the wild, or for a picnic, a brush with a poison ivy bush can leave nasty rashes on your skin. Simply apply fresh milk on the rashes to get relief from the pain and itchiness. Keep some powdered milk handy for this purpose if you are planning a camping trip. Mix it with water and apply this paste on the rashes.

Poison ivy Rash



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