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15 Ways To Use Lemon For Skin Care

Ways To Use Lemon For Skin Care

Lemon is a rich source of Vitamin C, B and folate. It contains minerals also. The citrus fruit helps in improving health when consumed in the form of food. The nutrients in lemon prevent many diseases. Apart from this, lemon is very useful for skin care. Home remedies and treatments that contain lemon help in healing the skin. It is an easily available and inexpensive food that can be used for enhancing beauty. The antiseptic properties of lemon juice help in treating skin problems and infections. We will discuss the various uses of lemons for skin care.

Following Are The Top 15 Ways To Use Lemon For Skin Care

For Lightening Elbows And Knees

If you have dark elbows and knees, you can use lemons for lightening the color of skin in these body parts. For this, you need to cut lemon into two halves and rub it on dark areas of elbow and knee. The darkness of skin will go away with lemon.

Elbows And Knees

For Treating Dark Spots

It is possible to treat dark spots by using lemon juice. For this, you have to apply the juice on skin over the spots. Lemon juice has bleaching properties, which helps in removing spots from skin.

dark spots

For Toning

Lemon can be used for making homemade toner. Take lemon juice and add honey to it. Mix well. To this, you should mix aloe vera gel. Mix all ingredients well. Add little amount of rosewater to it. Apply it on skin like a toner.


For Exfoliating The Skin

Break an egg and separate its white part. Mix lemon juice to this egg white. Mix well. To this, you should add brown sugar. Apply the mixture on face with a rubbing movement. Do gentle exfoliation of skin. Leave the mask on skin. Wash the face after ten minutes using slightly warm water. After that, apply a moisturizer.


For Treating Sunburn

Lemon juice helps in treating pain and itching caused by sunburn. Dilute the lemon juice by mixing water with it. The amount of water should be the same as lemon juice. Wash the face with this liquid. It treats skin infection and heals sunburns.


For Removing Blackheads

Blackheads can be removed with the help of lemon juice. Apply the juice over affected areas of skin with a rubbing movement. Do this at night before sleeping. Wash the skin when you wake up next day in morning.


For Treating Scars

You can use lemons for treating scars caused by pimples and other reasons. Wash the face with water and apply cleanser. Wash the skin. Apply lemon juice on skin on scar-affected areas. It will decrease the scars.


For Bleaching Facial Hair

Facial hair can be bleached with the help of lemon juice. Add little amount of honey to lemon juice. The next step is applying the liquid on face. Continue doing this for one month. It will help in removing and bleaching the facial hair.

 Facial Hair

For Skin Lightening

Lemon helps in lightening the skin color. It is useful for people who have dark skin. Dilute the lemon juice by mixing equal amounts of water to it. Spray the liquid on skin. Rubbing lemon peel on skin also helps in lightening the skin color.

Skin Lightening

For Exfoliating The Lips

Dead cells and dirt can be removed from lips with the help of lemons. Take out juice from one lemon. For exfoliating the lips, apply the juice on lips at night leaving it on the skin while sleeping. Wash the lips when you wake up next day. It will exfoliate the skin.


For Treating Acne

Lemon juice can be used for treating the problem of acne. For this, you should mix little amount of water to lemon juice. Dip cotton in this liquid and apply on skin over acne. Wash the skin after 15 minutes. It will heal the acne.


For Moisturizing The Skin

You can make a homemade moisturizer by adding honey to lemon juice. Mix well. Add little amount of olive oil. All the three ingredients should be in equal amounts. Apply on skin for ten minutes. Wash the skin after that. It will moisturize the skin and treat dryness.


For Getting Fair Skin

It is possible to get fair skin with the help of lemons. Apply lemon slice on face with a rubbing movement. Rub the skin very gently. Wash the skin with water after half an hour. Apply moisturizer.

Fair Skin

For Fighting Wrinkles

Wrinkles can be treated with lemon juice. For this, you need to mix honey with lemon juice. Mix well. To this mixture, add little amount of almond oil. Apply on face. Wash the skin after twenty minutes. It will decrease the wrinkles.


For Treating Freckles

Freckles are an irritating problem for many people. You can lighten these marks with the help of lemons. For this remedy, you have to take lemon juice. Apply it on affected areas at night before sleeping. Continue doing this every night for 2 weeks. Freckles will become light in color.



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