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15 Uses Of Margosa Seeds For The Body

Uses Of Margosa Seeds For The Body

The Indian lilac or the Margosa tree is an evergreen tropical tree that is found in India and Southeastern Asia. It is known as the village pharmacy because in olden times people resorted to this tree for all treatments. The bark, shoots, leaves and seeds are all therapeutic in nature and here we will discuss the benefits of the Indian lilac seeds which are antiviral, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic.

The Benefits Of The Seeds Of Indian Lilac Are

Skin Infections

Margosa/Indian lilac seeds are antimicrobial and extremely potent in fighting infections and germs. It is antifungal in nature and can treat skin problems like eczema, psoriasis, and ringworm.


Acne And Pimples

Acne and pimples are the results of germs and impurities internally and on the skin.  Margosa seeds are antibacterial and its oil helps in eradicating the breakouts.Dry skin conditions, boils, and rashes can be easily treated with the application of margosa seeds on the affected area.


Marks And Blemishes

Margosa seed oil can correct pigmentation marks on the skin. Dark patches, ugly blemishes, can all be rectified by applying the margosa seed oil or its fresh paste on the affected area.


Cuts, Burns, And Wounds

Margosa seeds have antiseptic and healing properties. The extract of margosa seeds can be applied on wounds and burns to accelerate the healing process and its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties are beneficial in repairing the wounds.



The seeds of margosa tree are very effective in preventing and treating viral fevers and malaria. Margosa seeds can be placed in various places in the house for an antibacterial shield. They will fight away the malarial parasites and prevent them from spreading in the vicinity. Mosquitoes get repelled with the smell of margosa seeds. Margosa seed tea can be given to malaria patients for a quick recovery.



This is a fatal disease that is known to be benefitted from the used of margosa seeds. The seeds and seed oil is both very effective in treating this disease.



Margosa seeds are antifungal in nature and hence very effective in treating scalp infections and dandruff. Margosa seed oil can be applied to the scalp to reduce itching and treat dandruff.


Hair Conditioner

Crushed margosa seeds or the oil can be mixed with the regular shampoo to rinse the hair. It removes all the dirt and impurities from the scalp and leaves it specky clean.

Hair Conditioner

Pains And Fever

The anti-inflammatory effect of margosa seed helps in treating fevers and headaches. It alleviates the pain associated with fever and headaches and the antiviral properties help in fighting the germs that can cause fever and illnesses.

Pains And Fever


The use of margosa seed makes the body resistant against viral and bacterial attacks. It improves the immunity of the body and helps in keeping day to day infections and diseases at bay. Margosa seed oil is toxic and should not be internally ingested.



Margosa seed oil is used as a contraceptive by women, who apply it inside their vagina which acts as a lubricant to prevent conception. The seed extracts are used for making contraceptives.


Insect Repellant

Margosa seeds can be crushed and mixed in water and sprayed around in the house and garden to repel away bugs, insects, and mosquitoes. The seeds can also be placed at various places in the house where mosquitoes thrive.

Insect Repellent

Stomach Problems

A tea made from brewing the margosa seeds and leaves can be given to people suffering from intestinal worms, ulcers and other stomach infections as it will destroy the germ build up in the body and give relief.


Kidney And Bladder Infections

Margosa seed tea can not only treat stomach ailments but it is also effective against kidney infections, and bladder  problems.



Eye Health

Margosa seeds are added to eye and ear drops during their manufacturing for treating eye and ear pain and infections. They can fight away the pathogens that cause the trouble iin these organs.

Eye health


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