15 Top Great Uses For Peppermint Essential Oil


Essential oils are great natural compound in this earth that we ever have. It came to us in a naturally in a concentrated way. The specialties of the essential oils are their rich aroma that they are widely used in the treatment of aromatherapy. The aromatherapy treatment uses the aroma of this oil to treat different physical diseases.The Peppermint essential oil came from the extract of peppermint leaf. Essential oils has a great use when used with the carrier oil like olive oil, sunflower oil, sesame seed oil, castor oil etc. This essential oil is rich in various medicinal benefits and has a great use as Ayurvedic medicine also. Peppermint oil is used in treating various physical problems naturally.

Here Are The Amazing Medicinal Benefits Of Peppermint Essential Oil

Great For Bad Breath

Peppermint is well known for its great aroma which is an effective home remedy for treating bad breath from ancient times around the world. Thus it is used as an herbal breath freshener in preparation of ayurvedic medicines for teeth and in preparation of modern toothpastes also. Use this effective home remedy for treating your problem of bad breath.

bad breath

Mix 2-3 drops of this essential oil in a glass of water and wash your mouth with peppermint oil as a natural mouth freshener which freshens up your breath naturally. Regular use of this home remedy will surely give solution for your problem.

Helps In Reducing Flatulence

Peppermint essential oil is effective in reducing the problem of flatulence. It cures the stomach problems and reduces the flatulence problem effectively. Extract of peppermint is highly effective for preventing flatulence naturally.


Effective Stress Reducer

Peppermint has a great taste and aroma which has a strong effect on human health and mind. If you are stressed and tensed try peppermint oil for reducing stress. Peppermint oil is a great for boosting your mind and uses it for energizing your mind. This effective herbal oil is a great home remedy for stress reducing.Take a smell of this essential oil for 4-5 minutes in a 2-3 times per day. Regular use of this proven home remedy will boost your mind. You may spray in on your handkerchief and take the smell as when you are even in your work.


Good For Digestion

Peppermint oil helps in digestion problems naturally. All most all of us are suffered from indigestion problem due to heavy dinner. Try this home remedy with peppermint oil. It helps in curing indigestion problems if you have a one.


Gives Cooling Effect

Peppermint oil is highly effective for the prickly heat problems as it has natural cooling effects. Mix few drops of peppermint oil in the water for your bath to get rid from the prickly heat problems. It is also effective in the problem of heat rashes too.

prickly heat

Ideal Home Remedy For Heartburn

Many times we are suffered from heartburns. Peppermint oil is effective home remedy for heartburn problems. Try this remedy if you have such problems.


Effective Home Remedy For Cough And Cold

Are you suffering from common cough and cold? Do you have any problems of congestion and cough? Try peppermint oil for this problem as it is an effective home remedy for cough and cold. It will effectively remove the congestion due to mucus and gives you relief.


Solves Stomach Related Problems

Peppermint is also good for your digestive systems too. It keeps your stomach healthy and functioning. Peppermint oil is good for your upset stomach. It is a great solution for your stomach ache as it is rich in antispasmodic properties.Stomach

Ideal For Skin Related Problems

Peppermint oil provides solution in different type of skin disorders and keeps your skin healthy. Mix a little quantity of this oil in your face packs and apply on your skin to get rid from skin problems.


Ideal For Body Pains

As peppermint oil is rich in medicinal properties it is beneficial in the problems of muscles aches. Mix this oil in any carrier oil and take a massage if you have pain in your body especially in the muscles. It improves the blood circulation in your body, removes fatigue from muscles and removes muscle pain energizing your body.


Well Known Home Remedy For Respiratory Problems

Are you suffering from any respiratory problem? Respiratory problems have increased now a day among people for various reasons. Regular use of peppermint oil would provide a solution in your problem.


Great Effect On Your Mind

The specialty of the peppermint oil is the rich aroma which had a great effect on your mind. Thus it is widely used in the treatment of aromatherapy. The aromatherapy treatment uses the aroma of this oil to treat different mental problems.


Ideal Home Remedy For Asthma

Peppermint oil is a well known home remedy for treatment of Asthma. It effectively removes the problems of asthma naturally and it is really effective.


Solves The Problem Due To Nausea

Do you have any problem of nausea? If you have a problem like this use peppermint oil to get rid from a problem like this as it is popularly used as a home remedy in nausea or vomiting. It naturally works in your problem and removes it effectively.


Great Refresher

Peppermint oil is a natural refresher. It effectively freshens up your body and mind if used in a regular basis. Use it in your drinks to get instant refreshment.



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