15 Superb Benefits Of Fresh Ginger Carrot Juice


Ginger and Carrot is a very popular juice is a popular health drink around the globe. It has numerous benefits which is very good for treating various diseases. It is very much successful in removing minor diseases so that it used frequently as a home remedy. It is full with natural goodness of carrots and gingers which has immense effect on human body. So, when you want to have a healthy drink then try a glass of fresh ginger and carrot juice.

List Of 15 Superb Benefits Of Fresh Ginger Carrot Juice

Good For Your Eyes

The orangish yellow color of carrot is because of Beta Carotene which is one kind of natural color which is generally present in fruits and vegetables. In 100 gm of fresh Carrot there is about 8285 micro gram of Beta Carotene in it. Beta Carotene plays a vital role for keeping the health of our eyes and helps in our vision. So, daily consumption of ginger carrot juice can result in benefit for our eyes.


Very Good For Treating Common Cough And Cold

In this juice Ginger gives excellent result in common cough and cold from ancient times. Ginger also helps you in releasing mucus and it is also provides superb result for upper respiratory tract infection. Ginger is a proven home remedy which is beneficial in bronchitis. Ginger keeps warm your body in cold because of its thermogenic properties.


Prevents Cancer In A Natural Way

Ginger carrot Juice provides excellent result in preventing cancer in a natural way as Carrots plays an effective role in curing Cancer in a natural way. Carrots are enriched with a compound named Falcarinol which is basically a poly-acetylene type antioxidant compound. According to modern medical research Falcarinol helps in treating cancers and also destroys pre-cancerous cells in human body. So, consumption of ginger carrot juice in daily basis prevents reduces the chances of cancer attacks from your body.


Gives Relief In Arthritis

Ginger carrot juice provides effectively good result in Arthritis problem. As it contains Ginger which reduces the joint pains and also gives relief in arthritis in a natural way. Ginger contains a vital anti inflammatory compound in it which is known as Gingerol. This natural compound helps in reducing the problems of Arthritis.


Slows Down The Ageing Process In Human Body

Carrots in this juice are rich in Beta Carotene which is by nature a typical antioxidant which removes the toxins and free radicals from our body. Free radicals are generally derived by oxidation process in our body. These natural compounds cause pre mature ageing of our skin and body. Daily consumption of this natural ginger carrot juice effectively slows down the ageing process of your body as it contains lots of anti oxidant in it.


Slows Down The DNA Damage In Human Body

This juice contains ginger juice in it which is known as potent antioxidant and it plays a vital role in preventing the harmful effect of free radicals in your body. It actually slows down the DNA damage process in human body which results in younger looking you.


Excellent For Your Skin Health

Ginger carrot juice is also very good for your skin. Carrot is actually is enriched with beta carotene which is a natural coloring agent and also responsible for orangish yellow color of carrot. It converted in to vitamin A after metabolism. Vitamin A is a vital nutrient which helps in regenerating epithelial tissues in human body which is very important for getting a naturally healthy skin. So, if you want a naturally healthy skin consume fresh Ginger Carrot Juice in your diet.


Good For Your Heart

This fresh juice is also good for your heart. Ginger is also rich in mineral contents and it also contains lots of anti inflammatory chemicals which actually work in treating heart related problems naturally.


Excellent Source Of Folic Acid

Try this juice in your pregnancy period as it is a rich source of folic acid which is very good for pregnant women and new Moms. Folic Acid is essential for the pregnant women as it plays a vital role for the upcoming childs health.


Works Fine In Stomach Problems

Ginger is a well known home remedy for stomach related problems. It helps in releasing intestinal gas from your stomach. Take this juice regularly to get relief from stomach problems. This juice also reduces flatulence and

stomach problem

Good Source Of Vitamin B Complex

As Carrot is rich in vitamin B complex like vitamin B6, Thiamin, Pantothenic Acid etc., so regular consumption of this juice will provide the daily requirement of vitamin B complex.


Reduces Migraine And Menstrual Pain

Ginger juice is effective for the pains of Migraine because of its anti inflammatory properties. It also provides excellent result in menstrual cramps.


Rich Source Of Minerals

Both Ginger and Carrots are rich in vital mineral salts like potassium, Manganese, Calcium, Copper and Phosphorous. So, regular consumption of this juice will provide you the lots of benefit of these minerals to your body.


Home Remedy For Asthma

Ginger juice is used as an excellent home remedy for Asthma from ancient times, so if you have this ginger carrot juices in a daily basis it will reduce the problem of asthma naturally.


Helps In Reproduction Too

Regular consumption of this juice will work in reproduction related problem. Carrot is blessed with some natural compounds which plays a vital role in reproduction. It is helpful in sperm production which is very important for reproduction.



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