15 Significant Uses Of Indian Gooseberry

15 Significant Uses Of Indian Gooseberry

Amla is a green fruit also called as Indian gooseberry. Amla is taken as a common ingredient in many of the Ayurvedic preparations. This fruit is succulent, acidic, bitter and sour in taste. Amla consists of antioxidant vitamin C. It also comprises of vitamins and minerals like potassium, magnesium, copper, phosphorus, calcium, iron, manganese, chromium and vitamins B and A. Amla is also comprised of fibers and carbohydrates. This fruit consists of 80 percent of water and has low calories. Amla has ability to fight with certain diseases as it possesses antibacterial, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. This article discusses top most ten health benefits of Amla.

Here Are Some Significant Uses Of Indian Gooseberry:

Enhances Eye Sighte:

The antioxidant vitamin C content in the fruit stimulates healthy capillaries and assists in effective retinal cells that help in healthy vision. The itching, redness and watering in the eyes are reduced by Amla. The carotene in this fruit aids in improving short sight and cataracts. The carotene also decreases intra ocular tension. The risk of night blindness and macular degeneration in old people is reduced by amla.

Eye health

 Stimulates Growth Of Hair

The vitamin C content in amla helps in the treatment of dull hair, premature graying and hair loss. Breakage of hair and hair loss results when there is deficiency of vitamin C in the body.  The growth of hair is encouraged by the iron and carotene content in amla. You can have healthy hair by eating amla fruit every day and by repeated massaging of your hair with amla oil.

Hair growth

Assists In The Management Of Diabetes

Amla is helpful in the treatment of diabetes. Amla is beneficial in being responsive to insulin and in regulating carbohydrate metabolism as it has large amounts of chromium. Vitamin C in it enhances functioning of pancreas to regulate blood glucose and reduce albumin levels in the body.


Elevates Immunity

Amla can improve immunity. The free-radicals responsible for causing common cold to cancers in the human body are destroyed by the antioxidant, vitamin C. Amla is known to increase the white blood cell number and the normal appetite.


Aging Is Slackened

Eating amla will reduce the signs of aging. The antioxidant property of amla reduces the free-radicals in the body. It is also rich in vitamin A that is required for producing collagen used for managing the elasticity of the skin and for making it look young.


Cholesterol Reduction

Serum cholesterol content is decreased with the regular intake of amla. The pectin available in amla reduces total cholesterol and blocks the platelet aggregation. Amla helps in reduction of bad cholesterol or LDL-C and triglycerides as well as in the elevation of good cholesterol or HDL-C. This activity of amla will keep up the cardiovascular health. The antioxidants vitamin C and amino acids are found to be helpful in balancing the cholesterol levels.

Reduces cholesterol

Heart Protection

Heart muscles are strengthened by eating amla and it helps in circulating the blood throughout the body. The iron level in amla improves blood circulation, initiates the creation of new red blood cells and cleans the arteries. This activity will decrease the risk of heart attacks.

Healthy Heart

Safeguards From Urinary Issues

Amla is diuretic and it enhances the urine volume and the frequency of urine output. This activity will flush out toxins from the body. Urinary problems are treated by amla as vitamin C in it helps in blocking the bacterial growth.

Urinary Issues

Maintains Oral Health

Vitamin C and other amla nutrients are found to be beneficial for oral health. Tooth decaying and cavities in the teeth are handled by amla that has ability to attack bacteria and battle with infections. Gum healing is also supported by the amla ingredients.

Oral health

Menstrual Cramps

The minerals and vitamins in the amla are useful in the treatment of menstrual cramps. Regular use of amla will make the necessary elements to reside in the body for longer time and help the women from menstrual cramps every month.

Menstrual Cramps

Beneficial For Arthritis

As amla has anti-inflammatory properties, the arthritis related joint pain and swelling can be reduced by taking raw amla juice every day.


Alleviates Indigestion And Constipation Problems

Taking amla in the powder form every day can decrease the problems associated with constipation. Amla helps in enhancing digestion as it acts as a laxative and is rich in fibers.


Helps In Acidity Regulation

Regular intake of amla is beneficial for the stomach health. It helps in solving the problems due to gastritis and burning sensation in the abdominal region.


Resolves Insomnia

You can have a sound sleep by adding a fresh amla fruit every day in your diet. Sleep disorders are managed by taking amla juice with nutmeg powder.


Helps In Bone Strengthening

Amla makes the bones strong by supplementing calcium. Amla has the ability to reduce the osteoclasts, which are responsible for destroying the bones.

Strong bones


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