15 Reasons To Add Mushrooms To Your Diet


According to a recent study, mushrooms are one of the six foods we should eat every day. This friendly fungi has great health boosting properties and bears similarities to the human kingdom, and in self-defense against bacterial attacks, they have developed great antibiotics like penicillin that are a boon for humans also. It tastes great to eat, but only the organically grown varieties should be consumed and the ones grown in the wild must definitely be avoided. Salads, soups, curries or stir-fries, it can be used in any form to enhance the taste of any dish.

The Various Reasons Why We Should Consume Mushrooms Are

Controls Blood Pressure 

Mushrooms are high in fiber, low in sodium and contain lots of potassium which helps in controlling blood pressure and regulates the heart functions to keep it healthy and thus keeps the cardiovascular diseases at bay.

Blood pressure

Supports Weight Loss 

Mushrooms contain fiber which make the stomach feel fuller for longer periods of time. Especially in women, blood sugar can be controlled with the intake of mushrooms which helps them in maintaining low weight. Also, mushrooms are good replacements of red meat which are full of fat and hence replacing them with a mushroom diet helps in reducing weight.

Weight Loss

Promotes Healthy Skin

These fungi contain niacin(B3) and Riboflavin(B2) which are extremely good for the skin and mushroom contains 80-90% water which makes the skin supple and soft.



Polyphenols and selenium are two antioxidants that mushrooms contain and, in addition, contains a master antioxidant which contains sulfur, an element which is vital for the human body and often deficient in it. All these antioxidants protect the body from fatal diseases like strokes, nervous system disorders, and cancers.


Immunity Booster

Mushrooms can boost the immunity of the body and the Shitake mushrooms are known to protect the system from everyday diseases like a cough and cold.


Contains vitamin D 

Those varieties of mushrooms that are exposed to the sunlight have ample amounts of vitamin D, which enhances the absorption of calcium and phosphorous in the body.


Bone Health

The calcium and vitamin D make mushroom an ideal food to make the bones strong and enhance the lubrication of joints to prevent stiffness and swelling.

Healthy Bones


Mushrooms have antioxidants that protect the body from various diseases and also keeps the skin soft and supple. It promotes good health and a long life as dreadful diseases like cancers are kept away.


Can Fight Cancer

The instance of cancers like prostate and breast cancers can be reduced with the regular intake of mushrooms. The phytochemicals in mushrooms can retard the growth of tumors and hence protect against these cancers.


Nervous System

The vitamin B in mushrooms is good for the nerve health of the body and can even protect against age-related disorders like the Alzheimer’s disease.

nervous system


Mushroom intake can control blood sugars as they contain enzymes and natural insulin that can break down the sugars in food.


Medicinal Value 

The antibacterial properties of mushrooms has given way to develop antibiotics like penicillin, tetracycline and streptomycin which are derived from fungi extracts and are life giving medicines for humans.



The fibers and enzymes in mushrooms are good for digestion, it enhances the absorption of nutrients in the colon and also increases the healthy bacterial activity in the gut.



Men who are suffering from urinary and prostate problems should include mushrooms in their diet as mushrooms are so power packed that they can help in fighting the tumor growths of prostate cancers.

Replacement Of Meat 

Red meat can pose a number of health hazards, hence if we eliminate it from the diet and replace mushrooms instead, we can get rid of the health problems posed by red meat and also avail the benefits of mushrooms like low weight and healthy heart.



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