15 Natural Ways To Stay Awake Minus The Caffeine


15 Natural Ways To Stay Awake Minus The Caffeine

Many people drink coffee at late night hours in order to prevent sleep and stay awake when they want to finish the office work late night. Some people feel sleepy in the office during the day also. Coffee contains high amounts of caffeine, which helps in staying awake. On the other hand, caffeine causes several types of health problems also affecting our health in a negative way. Excess intake of coffee causes anxiety, restlessness and many other problems. It makes you feel very jittery. Therefore, instead of drinking coffee, you should try to be awake with natural techniques that do not cause any health damage. We will give some tips for this.

Following Are The 15 Natural Ways To Stay Awake Minus The Caffeine:

1. Drink Water

Drink Adequate Water

Many times when we work for long hours in the office without drinking enough water, it causes dehydration. Lack of water makes us feel sleepy. You can get rid of tiredness and sleepiness by increasing the intake of water while you are at your work. Keep drinking fresh cold water at frequent intervals throughout the whole day in your office.

2. Wash The Face

Wash The Face

Washing the face with water helps in staying awake and preventing feelings of sleepiness. When you are working for a long time, take breaks in between and wash the face with cold running water. It gives instant energy with a fresh feeling.

3. Take Short Naps

Take Short Naps

If you have to stay awake for a long time at night, you can take short naps instead of going off to sleep. Keep the eyes closed for 10-15 minutes. It will help in increasing your energy making you feel relaxed.

4. Take Frequent Meals

Take Frequent Meals

Take small frequent meals instead of three big meals. Don’t miss your breakfast. Start the day with a healthy breakfast. Missing the breakfast can causes low energy levels that make you feel sleepy. Take small amounts of food at regular intervals throughout the day.

5. Eat Apple


Eating apple in between the work in the office helps in making you feel alert and awake. Apple contains high amounts of fructose, carbohydrates and fibre. These nutrients help in giving energy and preventing sleepiness.

6. Drink Tea

Black Tea

Drinking tea is a better alternative to coffee. Tea helps you in staying awake for a long time. Make black tea along with some spices like cinnamon, ginger and cardamom. You can also have green tea, which gives you lot of energy and relaxes you without making you feel jittery.

7. Drink Chocolate

Drink Chocolate

You can also have hot chocolate drink for staying awake and getting instant energy. Cook milk along with cacoa powder, cinnamon and sugar. Add little amount of cinnamon powder and cook the milk on slow flame. Drink hot.

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8. Take Breaks

Take Breaks

Working for long hours on a computer makes the eyes very tired and this is the main cause of feeling sleepy. Focusing and staring at screen puts strain on the eyes. Therefore, avoid working at the computer continuously. Take frequent breaks during which you can take your eyes away from the computer screen. Look away at another spot or area. It will relax the eyes.

9. Use Bright Light

Use Bright Light

Working in bright light stops you from sleeping. It makes you feel alert and awake. So replace the lights in your office. Remove the bulbs with dim lights and replace them with bright lights. This is a good way to be alert and increase the productivity at work.

10. Acupressure


Acupressure is a treatment method in which health problems are solved by massaging or applying pressure on body with the help of fingers. It can help you in staying awake also. Apply pressure on central part of feet sole, below knees and top of head. You can also press on back of hands and neck.

11. Avoid Sugary Snacks

Avoid Sugary Snacks

Working in the office after the afternoon time makes us feel hungry and starved. Most people make the mistake of eating a sugary snack and drinking coffee to compensate the low sugar caused by working late. Avoid doing this. Eat fruit and whole grain foods at this time.

12. Remain Busy

Remain Busy

Become so busy in work and other tasks so that your attention is taken away from feelings of sleepiness. When you will be engrossed in your works, you will feel the need to finish the tasks before you take a nap. Therefore, remain busy.

13. Go Outside

Go Outside

Many times the stressful environment and monotony of the office atmosphere makes you feel sleepy. You can solve this problem by going outside in the open air. It makes the brain active and gives you exercise. Soaking in fresh air and getting some sunshine will make you feel good. Thus, you can break the sleep by going outside the office for some time.

14. Chew Gum

Chew Gum

Chewing gum can help you in preventing the feelings of sleepiness. It improves the blood circulation in brain and enhances the cognitive functions. It makes you feel alert and awake. You can choose a peppermint chewing gum.

15. Take Short Walk

Take Short Walk

Exercising and moving the body help us in staying awake. Take a break in between your work at office and walk for ten minutes. If you can’t devote ten minutes, you can take short walks. It will make you feel energetic. Walk during the lunch break away from your desk.



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