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15 Natural Ways To Revive And Brighten Tired Skin


Many times when we sleep at night for a long time and wake up late in morning, we find that the skin of our face has become dull and tired. This is a common problem also caused by hangover after indulging in alcohol in late night parties also. The skin can become tired due to stress and pollution also. Women who have dull and tired looking skin feel awful about it. It decreases our confidence and we feel bad about our skin. You can brighten up your skin and make it look great by some natural tricks and remedies. We will give you some ideas for treating the tired skin.

Following Are The 15 Natural Ways To Revive And Brighten Tired Skin:

1. Drink Water

Drink Adequate Water

Dehydration can make the skin dull and tired. This problem can be solved by drinking a lot of water. Drink water when you wake up in morning. Keep drinking water the whole day. It will hydrate the skin and help in making it fresh and bright.

2. Wash The Face

Wash The Face


It is possible to make the skin fresh and bright by simply washing it with water. Use normal tap water for washing the face. It will be beneficial if you do this after returning home from a tired day at the office. It will revive the tired skin.

3. Ice Treatment


Ice treatment helps in improving the skin and removing dullness from it. Apply ice cube on face with a rubbing movement. Before that, you can apply ice cold water on face. This ice remedy helps in improving blood circulation in the face and making the face bright.

4. Facial Massage


Facial massage can improve the condition of your skin and make it look healthy, fresh and beautiful. Massage the face very gently with your fingers especially near the eyes. It makes the skin firm and cures swelling and puffiness.

5. Night Cream

Night Cream

Apply a night cream at bedtime before sleeping. It will help in improving the condition of skin. You can also apply a high quality moisturizer. It will rejuvenate the tired skin and when you wake up next morning, you will have beautiful and bright looking skin.

6. Rosewater


Puffed eyes impart a dull look to the skin. Rosewater can be used when the eyes become tired, swollen and puffy. Chill the rosewater by keeping it in a refrigerator. Dip cotton in chilled rosewater and apply on the eyes. Keep the eyes closed. It will help in curing the eye puffiness, which makes the skin look less tired and dull.

7. Cold Makeup Products

Cold Makeup Products

Using cold makeup products also helps in rejuvenating the tired skin. For this, you need to keep your makeup products in a refrigerator. It will be beneficial if you do this before sleeping at night. Keep the moisturizer and eye makeup in refrigerator.

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8. Exfoliate


Many times, the dullness and tiredness of skin is caused by deposition of dirt and dead cells in the skin. This problem can be solved quite well by exfoliating. You should exfoliate the skin of face with a natural scrub. Choose gentle scrubs for this. The skin will become beautiful and fresh.

9. Concealer


You can hide the skin imperfections by using a concealer. It can be used for hiding dark circles, spots, blemishes and other skin problems. A concealer helps in improving the skin tone and making it even. Buy a branded concealer of high quality.

10. Honey And Sugar

Honey And Sugar

It is possible to treat face dullness by using honey and sugar. For this, you need to take these two ingredients and mix them well so that you get a smooth paste. Apply on face with a rubbing movement. Do the rubbing very gently. After that, you can wash the face. Do this remedy once in seven days. It will help in exfoliating the skin in a natural way.

11. Yogurt Face Mask

Yogurt Face Mask

Yogurt face mask is an effective remedy for the dull skin. You can make this mask by mixing nutmeg powder with yogurt. To this, you can add very little amount of turmeric powder. Add freshly extracted lemon juice to this. Mix all things well and apply on face. Wash the face after ten minutes.

12. Cucumber Face Mask

Cucumber Face Mask

Cucumber face mask helps in curing the tiredness of skin. It helps in making the skin fresh and rejuvenated. Apply the mask on face. Wait until it becomes dry. Wash the skin with water. Use either ready-made face mask bought from the market or make your own homemade face mask using grated cucumber.

13. Sea Salt Face Scrub

Sea Salt Face Scrub

Using face scrub made with sea salt helps in curing tiredness of skin while making it bright and fresh. Mix grated ginger with the salt. To this, you can add little olive oil. Mix all things well. Apply the paste on face. Wash the face after some time. It will make the skin very beautiful.

14. Milk Cream Face Pack

Milk Cream Face Pack

Milk cream helps in making the skin beautiful and rejuvenated. Mix gram flour to milk cream. To this, you can add little amount of turmeric powder. Mix all ingredients well and apply on your face. Wash the skin when the face pack becomes dry. Use slightly warm water for washing the skin.

15. Use A Blush

Use a Blush

It is possible to make the skin bright and refreshed by using a blush. Blush is a beauty product that helps in making the cheeks rosy and glowing. It removes the dullness and tiredness of skin. It makes the face look very attractive.



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