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15 Natural Beauty Remedies From Your Kitchen


External beauty is often judged by our looks and condition of the skin. We can look beautiful if we take proper care of our skin and prevent skin problems like acne, spots and wrinkles. Although women use many types of cosmetics and beauty products, the readymade products bought from the market are not safe for the skin. It contains harmful chemicals that damage the skin. Thus, the best option is to enhance the beauty with natural methods. Natural remedies don’t cause any harm to the skin and are safe to use. Our kitchen has many foods and ingredients that help in improving the condition of skin making us look beautiful. We will explain some easy beauty remedies here.

Following Are The 15 Natural Beauty Remedies From Your Kitchen

Oil For Cleansing

We use soaps for cleaning the skin of face. The soap contains harsh chemicals that damage the skin. Instead of this, you can use natural oils for cleaning the skin. Take little olive oil and add castor oil to it. Use it as a face cleanser.


Oil As Makeup Remover

You can also use natural oils as makeup remover. Apply coconut oil on face, do face massage and remove the makeup with the help of cotton. Clean the face with cloth dipped in lukewarm water. Olive oil is also very good for removing makeup.


Potato For Dark Circles

Potato is very good for curing dark circles. Put chilled potato slices below the eyes on areas affected by dark circles. Remove the slices after fifteen minutes. The dark circles will be healed.


Cucumber For Dark Circles

Cucumber is another very good remedy for dark circles. Place cucumber slices below the eyes on dark circles. Keep for some time and then remove the slices. It will heal the dark circles leaving the skin clear and beautiful.


Lemons For Oily Skin  

Apply lemon juice on your face if you have oily skin. It controls excess oiliness due to its astringent properties. It also helps in curing dark spots on the face.


Lemons For Nails

Lemon juice helps in the growth of nails and treats all types of discoloration in it. Dip your nails in lemon juice. Remove the nails after ten minutes and wash it using lukewarm water. The nails will become long and healthy.


Turmeric Face Pack 

Face pack made with the yellow colored spice turmeric improves the beauty of face. Add milk to turmeric powder. Mix both ingredients well. Apply on face like a face pack. Wash the face after the mixture becomes dry. Clean the face. The skin will become beautiful and glowing.


Oatmeal For Exfoliating  

Grind oatmeal in a food processor to get its powder. Mix yogurt and honey to it. Mix well and apply on skin. Massage the skin and do exfoliation with the mixture after ten minutes. The skin will become healthy, smooth and moisturized.


Brown Sugar Body Scrub

Make homemade body scrub by adding olive oil with brown sugar. Apply the mixture on body like a scrub and do gentle body massage with this. You can use sesame oil with the scrub. Add lavender essential oil to the scrub for getting further benefits.


Honey, Yogurt Face Mask

Instead of buying readymade face masks from the market, use face masks made with common kitchen foods like honey and yogurt. Apply it on the face and wash once the skin is dry.

Yogurt Face Mask

Potato Scrub

Potatoes can be used for making skin scrub. Mix tea leaves and olive oil with grated potato. Apply on face like a scrub and do gentle face massage. After some time, wash the face using lukewarm water. Use raw potato for this remedy. It will make the skin bright, beautiful and moisturized.


Sea Salt Scrub

Use sea salt as a natural scrub that helps in exfoliating the skin. Rub the salt on face and body and do gentle massage. The dead cells will be removed from skin. This is a good exfoliating remedy.

Sea Salt Scrub

Egg White Face Mask

Egg white is a very good face mask that helps in curing wrinkles. Beat egg white and apply on face like a mask. Wash the face after half an hour with lukewarm water. The skin will become tight and it will treat sagging of skin.


Banana Hair Conditioner

Use inexpensive foods like banana as a hair conditioner. There is no need of using readymade hair conditioners bought from the store. Mix honey and sunflower oil to ripe mashed banana. Wash hair with water. Apply the above mixture on hair and wear a cap. Wash the hair after fifteen minutes.


Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse

You can use apple cider vinegar for improving the condition of your hair. Add water to the vinegar and use it for rinsing the hair finally after you wash hair with a shampoo. The hair will become healthy and shiny.



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