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15 Helpful Remedies To Relieve Headache Pain And Tension

There are a lot of common and frequently occurring health issues that a person might have to face in the day to day activities. Among them, one of the most prevalent ones is headache and tension. With the growing demands of the society and the desire to be ahead in the race among competitors, more and more people are experiencing stress and mental pressures that leads to extreme forms of tension and headaches. However, it is nothing to worry about if you learn on how to handle and manage the headaches with safe ideas. This is a very generic problem and one that occurs in almost all age groups starting from children to adults and old aged.

Remedies To Relieve Headache Pain And Tension

The basic solution is to adhere to some helpful remedies that can relieve the pain in the head and the tension without any side effects. These should be kept handy and used at times when you need it the most for a comfortable living. The guide below will provide you 15 top remedies that are even well reviewed to save the effort. Check them out and make your pick: –

Remedies To Relieve Headache Pain And Tension

1. Have Some Almonds


One of the very easy and convenient remedies for headache and tension relief is to pop in some nuts in the form of almonds. A handful of them are what will help you achieve the goals. The salicin content in the almond is what acts as a pain reliever and with only a few of them you will start feeling the ache subsiding. It is one of the simplest and is perfect for everyday tension headaches.

2. Warm Water Soak

Warm Water Soaks

It might sound a little weird, but then it is a proven fact that dipping the legs in warm water for a while relieves the tension and headaches. This solution tries to bring the blood circulation to the feet and thus relieve the pressure on the blood vessels in the head. This gives you the comfort you deserve. A little mustard powder can be added to the soak for better outcomes.

3. Hot Compress

Hot Compress

A hot compress can be prepared by using a hot water bag and applying it on the forehead as well as the back of the neck. This helps in relaxing the muscles in the area especially the knotted ones and thus treats headaches and tension. It is a safe and helpful remedy.

4. Take Some Fresh Air

Take Some Fresh Air

Go outdoors and take some fresh air. This will provide the head and the blood vessels some fresh oxygen and thus help in treating the aches. The change in the environment and the natural landscapes also makes the body and mind rejuvenated and fresh. This is one good remedy that works on the headaches and tension.

5. Have Fish Oil

Fish Oil

This can be taken in the form of capsules of fish oil easily available in the market. The omega fatty 3 acid content in this liquid is what helps in the treatment of headaches. It is not only good for relieving tension but also something as extreme as migraines. It also reduces the inflammation of the vessels that leads to headaches in the first place.

6. Ginger Wonders


You can either have some freshly prepared ginger tea or else chew on some ginger root. Ginger candies are also preferable where headaches are concerned. This is one of the simple remedies that give effective outcomes on your crisis.

7. Have Caffeine


A cup of strong coffee is the perfect helpful remedy for your headache and tension. It is known to reduce the swelling in the blood vessels and thus help in achieving the goal. For those, who are already addicted to this should avoid this remedy since their body is already immune to caffeine and can worsen the condition.

8. Use Essential Oils

Use Essential Oils

Both peppermint oil and lavender oil is a good remedy for tension headaches. You can use the aromatherapy method to get the maximum benefit from the liquid and find instant comfort. It can be used to massage the forehead. You will see the results in a couple of minutes. Try and breathe in the aromatic scent of the liquid to get a relaxed mind and treat headaches.

9. Relax

Good Sleep

There is nothing better than relaxing and taking a nap where tension and headaches are concerned. A good sleep is also a good way to reach your goals. It will help you treat the problem in a jiffy. During the day time, you can take a nap of 30-40 minutes to see how well in works on the problem.

10. Have Water

drink Water

A lot of times the headache is due to dehydration of the body. To ensure that the headache is treated and that too efficiently, the best to be done is to hydrate the body and blood vessels by drinking plenty of plain and filtered water. This will relieve the pressure on the blood vessels in the head and get you rid of the discomfort.

11. Peppermint Tea Bags Remedy

Peppermint Tea Bags

Take two peppermint tea bags that are soaked in water and wet and use them on the forehead or the eyelids for a while. This will relieve the headache in a while. It is one of the easy and effortless methods to adhere to.

12. Work On The Posture

Work On The Posture

A lot of times tension and headaches are the result of how poor the posture is. There is little or no movement when we sit down and work in the office. This leads to stiffness of the muscles as well as pressure on the vessels. Slouching and slumping are some other reasons that can cause the problem. The best is to make some movements from time to time and use stretching as the weapon towards poor posture. An ergonomic chair can also be used for the purpose.

13. Cold Pack

Cold Pack

Apply a cold pack on certain regions like the forehead or the neck’s back. This will relieve the muscles from the pressure and thus treat the headaches in a helpful way. Cold packs can be made with a bag of ice and should be used with a towel on the skin.

14. Rosemary Tea

Rosemary Tea

A cup of rosemary tea will not only help in reducing the headaches but also prevent it from worsening. A cup of hot water can be poured on dried rosemary and steeped for 10 minutes. Drink it warm.

15. Eat Regularly

Eat Regularly

Try and break down your meals into small portions and have each one of them at the gap of 2 hours. This will ensure that the blood sugar level is balanced and treats the headaches as well as prevents them.



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