15 Healthy Uses Of Himalayan Pink Sea Salt

Himalayan Pink Sea Salt

Himalayan pink sea salt is obtained from mining the Himalayan mountains which are reservoirs of this salt.This pink sea salt was the salt of the sea that existed before the Himalayan ranges were pushed up due to tectonic movements under the earth’s surface. It was guarded by molten lava and shielded from the pollution in the environment by the lava and the thick sea beds around the sea. This is the purest form of salt on earth with benefits galore. The minerals and nutrients in this salt are formed in synergy and its benefits range from a vast array of beauty to health.

Here Are 15 Healthy Uses Of Himalayan Pink Sea Salt


The minerals and compounds in Himalayan pink salt make it a perfect detoxifier. When added to a warm bath for a body soak, it helps in drawing out all the toxins to heal, treat, and relax the whole body. When drinking this mixed in a glass of water, the body  not only gets rid of toxins but also benefits from the minerals present in this salt. They are absorbed by the body and help in refreshing and energizing the system.


Mineral Soak

Soaking in the Himalayan pink salt water helps in infusing the minerals of the salt into our body. It is better absorbed than if taken internally and since our bodies require minerals and this Himalayan salt is completely naturals it complements our bodies and hence is great for it and also promotes good blood circulation.


Muscle Aches And Soreness

The absorption of minerals can heal and treat the tired and sore muscles. It helps in reducing pain and cramps from external wounds and helps in faster recovery. Goiter, arthritis, and other joint issues can be well treated with Himalayan pink salt water soak.


Air Purifier

This salt can not only detoxify the body but also purify the air around. A chunk of this salt can be kept as an air purifier to absorb bad smells and eliminate all bacteria, germs, and toxins from the air.

Air Purifier

Sinus Irrigation

To clean the nasal passages using a neti pot, this salt can be added to the water to help in cleansing. This salt draws out all the bacterial infections from the nose and flushes out all the germs effectively.


Regulates The Electrolyte Content Of The Body

The Himalayan pink salt, when dissolved in water become an ideal solution to be taken by people who need to replace the electrolyte content in the body. Sports people and others who sweat it out need to restore these electrolytes for the body to function normally.

Electrolyte Content Of The Body

Maintains The pH

The sole of this salt if taken regularly, helps in maintaining the alkalinity in the body and controls the pH balance of the body to reduce acid reflux and acidity problems.



The intake of this pink sea salt water stimulates the digestive organ and helps in smooth digestion. It helps in better absorption of nutrients in the gut and also detoxifies the body from heavy metals.


Strengthens The System

If you are constitutionally weak and are prone to allergies, weak bones, and muscles, or get tired easily, Himalayan pink sea salt is very helpful. It restores blood and connective tissue health and also strengthens the bones for a healthier and stronger body.


Bone Health

The Himalayan pink sea salt contains vitamins and minerals that can make the bones strong and healthy. It restores blood and connective tissue health and also strengthens the bones for a healthier and stronger body.

Healthy Bones

Blood Purifier

Himalayan pink sea salt contains minerals that can purify the blood by drawing out all the toxins and impurities and thereby helps in treating blood-related problems.


Intestine Problems

The intake of  this pink sea salt can strengthen the gut and improve its ability to absorb nutrients from the food and also fight intestinal parasites.



The mineral content in the Himalayan pink sea salt are known to promote longevity as they eliminate all the toxins from the body to give a healthy and strong internal system.


Lowers Blood Pressure

The Himalayan pink sea salt contains natural sodium which the body can easily digest as compared to the chemically induced sodium in table salt. When the Himalayan salt is replaced with the table salt, the body can remove it more easily and would not require as much water to flush out this sodium leading to low pressure in the blood.

Blood pressure


When the digestion of the body is smooth and the blood and connective tissues are healthy, the metabolism of the body becomes stronger as ample nutrients are being supplied to it. There is a fresh flow of energy and the body feels lighter and healthier with the intake of the sole of this salt.



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