15 Health Benefits Of Sassafras Tea


If you are in the United States and visit any bar or confectionery store, You might get to know about “Root Beer.” It is a special kind of sweet beer made from the root and bark of Sassafras albidum (scientific name), popular as Sassafras in general. Sassafras, the plant first recognized during 1574 as a cure of the malarial fever or shivering (ague), known as root beer tree or ague tree. After the extensive research over different parts of Sassafras plant, it turned out to be an Ayurveda solution to vast diseases apart from a fever. Due to its greater health benefits, it has started selling commercially as an ingredient of healthy beverages, including Sassafras tea, which is widely popular drink to get advantages of its herbal quality. Sassafras roots and barks brew with boiling water to prepare Sassafras tea. People are brewing it on their own or purchase the ready tea sachets. (We recommend you to buy safrole free tea sachets from the market.) The reason for the vast popularity of this tea is a broad range of health benefits it provides.

Following Is The List Of Health Benefits Sassafras Tea Delivers

Wound Treatment

Its leaves directly used to get relief from any injury by applying to the affected area. It’s analgesic property help in reducing the pain caused by any muscular trauma. Sassafras tea also can give the fight to pain caused by the injury. The patient can be given sassafras tea as a little reliever to pain along with other medicines.


Malarial Fever And Cold Treatment

The first and foremost property of sassafras revealed out was a productive quality of reducing body temperature caused by any malarial or viral fever. Due to its property to treat ague (any disease that increase body temperature), Sassafras is also known as ague tree. One can have a cup of sassafras tea in the morning to maintain good health in the cold season.


Acne Psoriasis And Skin Sores Reduction

Because of blood purifying and toxin extracting quality of Sassafras, it can be used by youngsters who are suffering from pimples and severe acnes during teenage. It helps you feel stress-free and give your skin a bright look.


Urinary Disorders Treatment

Sassafras is widely used to fight against the diseases caused by bacteria. Urinary tract infection is the most common disease caused by bacterial infection in the urinary tract. Sassafras tea can prevent this kind of infections if the intake is regular.

Urinary disorder

Toothache Reliever

Analgesic property of sassafras also works in tooth areas and help to reduce the pain caused by any injury or infection occurred in the teeth. The sassafras tea dose can provide the same magical effect to it. Sassafras is also used as an ingredient in many kinds of toothpaste.


Scurvy Treatment

Sassafras tea is the best thing one should take to reduce the manifestations caused by deficiency of vitamin C. Scurvy causes skin spots, bleeding, yellow skin and fever, which can be treated by regular intake of tea along with other regular medicines.


Hypertension Reduction

Sassafras tea intake can be beneficial for people having the hypertensive tendency. It helps to thin the blood and thus reduce the blood pressure. It can prevent heart attacks in typical cases.


Blood Purification

As discussed above, it helps to extract out impurities from blood to keep it purify. Impure blood is the main essence of many diseases which leads to significant consequences. Cleaning the blood can prevent the diseases and help keep you active and fresh due to healthy hemoglobin content.


Rheumatoid Arthritis

Sassafras increases the urine flow through kidney and liver. It also flush away the uric acids and other impurities from joints and thus gives good relief in gout and rheumatic conditions.


Bronchitis Treatment

Coughing caused by bronchitis, inflammation can be prevented or cured by a good intake of Sassafras tea.


Gonorrhea And Syphilis

Sassafras tea can also treat a patient suffering from sexually transmitted diseases as well. Its ability to fight pathogenic bacteria helps us in reducing the severity of the diseases.


Gastrointestinal Cure

The cumulative effect of Sassafras helps to reduce the gas caused by digestion problems. Sassafras tea after a heavy meal can give relief from stomach pain.


Menstrual Cramp Reliever

If you are a woman, sassafras tea, a day can make you feel fresh during menstruation cycle as it helps to reduce lower abdomen pain.


Herpes Shingles And Measles Treatment

Some of the researches revealed that Sassafras is having antiviral property as well and can deliver relief in herpes, chicken pox and childhood infectious viral disease.


Dysentery Treatment

Infection in the intestine that causes bleeding is known as dysentery. If the patient is suffering from this, sassafras tea is recommended.



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