15 Health Benefits Of Petitgrain Essential Oil


Petitgrain essential oil is obtained from the twigs and stems of a special variety of oranges: Bitter Orange, mainly. Since it is an essential oil, it is known to possess a citrusy and woody sweet smell along with showing excellent therapeutic potential. Here are some of the health benefits of this enigmatic essential oil.

15 Health Benefits Of Petitgrain Essential Oil

Mood Enhancer

Petitgrain essential oil has been found to show relaxing effects. This property of this essential oil helps overcome depression and other problems such as anxiety, stress, anger, and fear. Along with reducing anxiety, it also promotes the betterment of mood and induces positive thinking.


Relieves Spasms

Petitgrain essential oil is an antispasmodic agent which helps in reducing convulsion related to muscular cramps, etc. Spasms are unwanted, involuntary and excessive contractions in the muscles, tissues, and nerves. This essential oil, being anti-spasmodic in nature, induces relaxation in the muscles and blood vessels, thus helping in treating spasms.


Aromatic Bath Oil

Essential oils are known for their dual action, having excellent fragrant qualities along with having a therapeutic medicinal purpose. Petitgrain essential oil is used as a massage oil and also a bath oil. A dash of Petitgrain essential oil is added to a bath prepared and the body is allowed to soak in the bath for a period of time. Skin soaks up the oil and allows it to channel its therapeutic effects. It is extensively used in aromatherapy owing to its health beneficial properties.


Treats Insomnia

Due to its relaxant properties, it can be used for nervous afflictions and anxiety. But apart from these, this enigmatic essential oil also has excellent sedative properties leading to its use in the treatment of disorders such as insomnia.


Heals Wounds

Petitgrain essential oil acts as an excellent antiseptic. Open wounds are the most susceptible to sepsis or bacterial growth. As an antiseptic, this essential oil fights infection by inhibiting bacterial growth and promotes healing at the site of sepsis.


Nervine Tonic

Since it is an essential oil, it has been found to have excellent soothing and relaxant effect on nerves, which deem it highly appropriate for stress-related disorders. It is extensively used for calming nervous tendencies, convulsions and seizures. It thus helps strengthen and build the nervous system.

nervous system

Maintains Emotional Balance

A very interesting health benefit of Petitgrain essential oil is that it promotes emotional and mental health. It helps relinquish self-control and promotes self-acceptance, making it an excellent mix for maintaining emotional health. Essentially used to overcome addictions and regain self-control and good judgement, this oil is excellent in maintaining an emotional balance.

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Prevents Acne

It is a natural acne remover owing to it’s to hydrating and balancing properties. This essential oil has been found to maintain excellent oil water balance on the skin of the face, which is essentially utilized in the treatment of acnes, pimples and also removal of blemishes.


Hair Tonic

This essential oil helps in relieving the hair and scalp of its oiliness and dryness, making it an excellent hair tonic. When massaged onto the scalp regularly, Petitgrain oil promotes healthy hair and scalp.



Petitgrain essential oil acts as a natural deodorant with its refreshing woody and floral floral fragrance. It has a dual action of curbing the growth of bacteria in those parts of the body that are always subjected to heat and sweat and also impart its citrusy sweet fragrance for a long period of time. In this way, this essential oil prevents body odour and various skin infections which result from these bacterial growths.


Promotes Healthy Skin

Petitgrain essential oil has excellent hydrating and moisturizing properties. This oil is thus used in eliminating skin dryness and providing an emollient effect to the skin of the face as well as the body. It is used as an ingredient in creams and lotions too.


Role As An Anti-emetic

Petitgrain essential has been found to possess anti-emetic properties as well. Owing to its relaxant properties, this oil helps in reducing the urge to vomit, making it a key ingredient in disorders such as motion sickness and nausea related to adverse drug reactions


Natural Coolant

Petitgrain essential oi, when applied on skin has excellent cooling properties. Due to the fact that most essential oils are well known for their coolant properties, this essential does not fail to deliver. When it is used to massage the scalp, it cools and soothes the scalp.


Treats Hypertension

Petitgrain essential oil has the main health benefit of acting as a relaxant which makes its use in treating hypertension no secret. It promotes blood vessel health by showing its relaxant properties and thus helping in the symptomatic treatment of hypertension.



Owing to its fresh aroma, Petitgrain essential oil is used in flavoring drinks, mixes and beverage. A drop of the oil is sufficient to impart a rich aroma to the foodstuff.



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