15 Health Benefits Of Mint Leaves

mint leaves

From toothpaste to inhalers, today mint leaves has secured a place almost everywhere because of its medicinal properties and various health benefits. According to latest studies, mint is declared a herb having highest anti-oxidant properties than any other food. Other than consuming daily foods, it is very important for human beings to bring such herbs into practice. Herbs like mint leaves are not just a mouth freshener but have more to offer to human health.

List Of 15 Health Benefits Of Mint Leaves


Without proper digestion occurs numerous health problems such as constipation, food poisoning, loose motions, etc inside human body. In order to avoid any kind of hindrances in their activity, you must include mint leaves in your diet. Being a great appetizer or palate cleanser, mint leaves promote healthy digestion. Therefore, drink one cup of mint tea daily to keep the digestion going.


Nausea And Headache

Mint leaves has strong and refreshing aroma, which acts like a quick and effective remedy against nausea. Mint being a natural soothing substance alleviates the temperature rise thus giving relief from headache and migraines. In case of headache or nausea, massage mint-flavored products like balm or oil on your forehead and get instant relief.



People suffering from asthma must smell mint regularly. Mint is an excellent relaxant and takes the edge off congestion. Further, smelling mint refrain you from becoming Asthma patient.



The natural stimulant properties of mint, alone can charge your batteries and get your brain function faster than a computer. In case, you feel anxiety, lethargic, worn out or depressed, mint derivatives are of great help. To bring mint into use, consume it through foods, apply it in its ointment form, or inhale as vapor. Further, you can also massage mint oil on your forehead at night to witness the much-needed boost in the morning.

Relieves Fatigue

Skin Cleanser

Mint leaves have antiseptic and anti-pruritic properties that make it a great skin cleanser. With these properties, mint leaves soothes skin, fades the pimples and cure itchiness and infections. The anti-pruritic property of mint helps to provide relief from insect bites. In addition, mint being anti-inflammatory not just brings down swelling but also provides cooling sensation on the skin by soothing it.


Oral Care

With loads of germicidal and mouth freshening qualities, mint plays a very effective role in improving the oral health of a person by holding back tooth decaying bacteria living inside the mouth and cleaning the tongue and teeth. Earlier, people used to rub mint leaves on the teeth directly but now you have oodles of products like mouthwashes, toothpastes, etc having presence of mint. To prosper your oral health, use these products or chew mint leaves directly.

Oral health

Menstrual Cramps Oodles

Mint having anti-spasmodic & blood cleansing properties not just clean the blood at the times of periods but also provide relief from menstrual cramps. Moreover, the existing nausea at this time can easily be warded off by the usage of mint. For its intake, brew a hot cup of mint tea and sip it several times a day. It will not only pacify your uterus but will also provide a calmer effect.



Mint leaves are full of several vitamins such as vitamin C, D, E and little bit of vitamin B complex, and nutrients like calcium and phosphorus. Together, all these compounds work wonder in boosting immunity thus keeping you safe from inflammation and infections.


Fighting Cancer

The potent phytochemical present in mint-leaves, prevent various cancers. Therefore, inhale or consume mint everyday as much as you can.


Fights Ache & Pain

In case of ache and pain, a number of balm having extracts of mint are available in the market. Mint provides a cooling sensation on the skin thus causing the area to become partially numb for some time thus lowering the pain. You can also inhale mint fumes as it soothes the entire nerves of the body.


Cough And Cold

The strong smell of mint opens nasal gateway thus allowing relaxed breathing. It also expels the phlegm in case of productive cough. If there is any inflammation along the respiratory tract, then mint helps in pacifying it with its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.


Morning Sickness In Pregnancy

By activating the enzymes necessary for digestion, mint helps in relieving the nausea pertaining in pregnant mother. If you are pregnant, then extract the crushes leaves of mint every morning and smell to overcome this difficult period.


Stress And Depression

In aromatherapy, mint extracts are used to defeat stress and depression by rejuvenating the mind. Smelling mint leaves not just relaxes the body but also calm the mind thus setting you freeing you from stress.


Cleansing Blood

Mint is known for its excellent blood cleansing effect. Drinking one-cup mint day daily in the morning keeps your blood clean for generations.


Strengthens Your Liver

You feel dismal when liver starts chugging slowly. After thorough research, mint is selected as a powerful liver booster. For its intake, either drink mint tea or take pudin hara.




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