15 Health Benefits Of Fennel Seeds

fennel seeds

Fennel is a pleasantly flavored spice that has its origin from the Mediterranean lands and has made a mark globally. It is used in cuisines of the Mediterranean countries but has also found its way into the Asian kitchens. Apart from the culinary use, fennel is great for the health and all its parts namely, the bulb, leaves, and seeds have great nutritional value.

We Will Discuss The Health Benefits Of Fennel Seeds, Which Are As Follows

High In Nutritional Content

Fennel seeds contain dietary fibers that keep the stomach in good shape and also contains minerals and vitamins to keep the body fit. It contains iron, manganese, magnesium, potassium and phosphorous that helps in the upkeep of the blood cells, bones, brain health, heart and other vital organs of the body. It can be dry roasted and chewed or fennel tea can be administered to treat a number of health problems.



There are various flavonoids present in fennel seeds that act as antioxidants that protect the cells of the body from depleting due to oxidative stress. The intake of fennel helps in reducing all kinds of inflammation in the body and has also been known to prevent cancer. This antioxidant property helps in protecting collagen to maintain skin elasticity and also protects the body from the impact of various age-related degenerative diseases.



The intake of fennel seeds can keep cholesterol levels in control by lowering the levels of serum LDL cholesterol in the body. It prevents the re-absorption of this blood fat by the colon and hence prevents it from entering the bloodstream.


Flatulence And Indigestion

Fennel seeds have carminative properties that help in treating problems of indigestion and reducing stomach spasms. It prevents constipation and allows proper movement of waste down the intestines and keeps the bowels clear. It stimulates the secretion of the juices in the digestive tract and helps in the breakdown of food. It is used as an antacid and is added in meals to work as an appetizer.


Nursing Moms

Women who are feeding their infants should include fennel seeds in their diet. It increases the production of milk in lactating women but pregnant women are advised against eating it in large amounts.

nursing moms

Colic Pain

Fennel water can be given to babies to relieve stomach ache and treat colic pain and spasms due to gas production in the stomach. Fennel seeds contain polymers that help in treating renal colic and have antispasmodic properties to alleviate stomach pain.

colic pain

Joint Pain

Application of fennel seed oil can reduce the pain of the joints and sore muscles. It is helpful in treating the pain and redness caused by the inflammation in the bones. Intake of fennel water helps in removing toxins from the body, as it is a diuretic, and treating rheumatism and arthritis problems.

Joint Pain


Intake of fennel seeds keeps anemia at bay.Fennel seeds contain high amounts of iron that is responsible for blood cell production and also contains an element called histidine which helps in the formation of the components of blood.


Eye Care

The vitamin A content in fennel seeds protect the eyes. The enzymes present in fennel helps in reducing inflammation in the eyes and prevent the occurrence of age-related diseases like macular degeneration.


Menstrual Issues

Fennel seeds contain compounds that affect the estrogen levels and ease and regulate the menstrual cycle. It can ease the symptoms of PMS, reduce pain during periods, and also provide relief from restlessness and anxiety in menopausal women.


Breast Enlargement

The flavonoids in fennel seeds can stimulate the estrogen hormone which acts as a tonic. They help in the growth and production of the cells in the breast and hence, help in increasing their size.

braest enlargment

Respiratory Problems

Bronchitis allergies, breathing issues, and cough can all be treated with fennel seeds. Have fennel water to reduce inflammation in the bronchial tubes and it also contains enzymes that act as expectorants to ease the congestion. The mucus in the airways are thinned and people experience relief in breathing.


Eliminates Bad Breath

Fennel is not only a digestive but has a sweet fruity aroma that can combat bad breath. It is usually chewed after heavy meals as a mouth freshener to get rid of unwanted smells and gives a fresh taste to the mouth.

Bad Breath

Brain Health

The flavonoids in fennel seeds protect the brain from degenerative diseases and fennel acts as a vasodilator to increase blood flow to the brain. It contains elements like potassium that are good for brain health, increase memory power, relax the mind, and increase the cognitive abilities of a person.

healthy Brain

Hair Loss

The chewing of fennel seeds or the topical application of the fennel water can strengthen the hair follicles and prevent hair loss. It improves hair quality and makes them strong and shiny.

Hair loss


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