15 Health Benefits Of Drinking Water

 Drinking Water

We have all read in our school books that our bodies are made up of about 70% water. After air, water is the most important thing needed for a person to survive. All of us drink water as it is a natural urge. But few of us do not drink enough of it, or replace it with drinks like alcohol or soda. It may not be a good choice and it may call upon your health. If you are not drinking about 8 to 10 glasses of water a day, you definitely need to enlighten yourself with the reasons why you should start doing so below.

15 Health benefits Of Drinking Water:

Relieves Fatigue

Fatigue is one of the foremost symptoms of dehydration. When you toil hard, you naturally lose water through sweat and it makes you feel tired. By drinking water you will regain the lost water and bring your energy levels back to normal.

Relieves Fatigue

Improves Brain Function

Our brains are made up of about 90% water. The complex brain system of innumerable neurons and nerves that control the whole body need water supply to keep it going. A little drop in the water supply can hinder different mental functions such as mood stimulation, memory and cognition and increase mental fatigue. So water is a good thing to have if you feel any of these symptoms.

Improves Brain Function

Helps Losing Weight

Water when drunk before meals can fill up a part of your belly without giving you calories to burn. It also suppresses your appetite and boosts metabolism. So you not just eat less, but also burn your fats faster.

Weight Loss

Regulates Body Temperature

What generally happens when you feel hot? You sweat! This sweat evaporates giving a cooling sensation to your skin. And how do you generate sweat? By drinking water. Also drinking water gives an immediate sense of cooling to the body.

Regulates Body Temperature

Flushes Out Wastes

Water helps produce sweat and urine that flushes out excessive salts and toxins. If we do not have enough water, we simply would not sweat and urinate sufficiently enough for the wastes and toxins to leave our bodies.

Flushes Out Wastes

Prevent Kidney Stones

Our kidneys need constant supply of water to help remove the salts, minerals and toxin debris it accumulates. If we do not drink enough water, there are chances of clumping of the toxins in our kidneys to form kidney stones.

kidney stones (2)

Cures Headache

Quite often the cause of general headaches and migraine is dehydration. If at all you feel this pain, before grabbing a cup of coffee, try drinking a glass of water.

Cures Headache

Regulates Blood Circulation

Our blood and lymphatic fluids are made up of mostly water. When they get sufficient water, it is only then that they can transport life-giving oxygen and nutrients to all the different body parts.

Blood Circulation

Relieves Constipation

Water helps in breaking up of food well and helps in digesting them and keeping the stool soft. Not drinking water will not just let make lots of food gets passed out through stool undigested, but also make it difficult to excrete. Drinking water, especially warm is known to relieve constipation.


Gives Healthy Skin

Our skin’s moisturising is naturally done by nothing else but water. Water also cleans up the toxins that block the skin pores, thereby making your skin clearer. So if you drink enough water your skin will be soft, clear, free from pimples and have improved elasticity.

Good For Skin

Fights Bad Breath

The food remnants in our mouth after a meal invite bacteria that create foul smell. By swishing water we remove part of these bacteria, but if our mouths are dry, the smell increases. So if we drink good quantity of water, our mouths will remain moist and we can thus ward of bad breath.

Fights Bad Breath

Prevents Hangover

Alcohol is a diuretic that causes us to urinate more than we intake fluids. So, we naturally become dehydrated if we do not also consume water copiously. Dehydration also increases headaches and dry mouth- the common symptoms of a hangover. So you are suggested to sip water between your drinks and a glass or two of water before crashing on your couch.


Prevents Pain

When our joints and muscles are adequately hydrated, we are much less likely to have wear and tear that creates different kinds of joint pains and muscular cramps.

Relieves pain

Improves Cardiovascular Health

We constantly keep eating high calorie foods that increases the cholesterol deposits in our arteries and veins. This causes hypertension as well as increases risk of heart attack. If we drink the prescribed quantity of water daily, the cholesterol deposits are likely to be less and we can enjoy a healthier heart.

Improves Cardiovascular Health

Helps Building Muscles

Our muscular cells, just like all other cells need oxygen to work. This oxygen is availed by sufficiently having water. If we do not drink water enough, our muscles would get tired faster and not gain bulk and strength.

Helps Building Muscles


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