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15 Health Benefits And Uses Of Fir Needle Essential Oil

Health Benefits And Uses Of Fir Needle Essential Oil

Fir needle essential oil is very helpful in lowering body pain and body odour effectively. It prevents one from varied types of infections, enhances respiratory function, boosts metabolism and detoxifies the body. The oil from the fir needle tree has a woody and earthy aroma that is utilized in the preparation of cosmetics, bath oils, perfumes, air fresheners and incense sticks.

Here Are 15 Health Benefits And Uses Of Fir Needle Essential Oil

Fights Cancer

Fir needle essential oil has remarkable anti-cancer properties and anti-tumour characteristics. Both these properties prove to be very beneficial and promising treatment of cancer. It helps in gradual reduction in the content of cellular glutathione and increases the production of reactive oxygen species in the body. Various types of cancers such as lung cancer, throat cancer, breast cancer, mouth cancer are avoided in an effective and natural way.


Prevents Infection

Oil obtained from the fir needle has huge amounts of organic compounds that act as a powerful first aid agent. It helps in strongly protecting your body from infections. Fir needle essential oil contains some very beneficial chemical compounds such as like limonene, tricyclene, camphene, alpha-pinene and myrcene that exhibit miraculous antimicrobial action against common types of fungi and pathogenic bacteria.


Relaxes Body

After a hectic day our body become tired and needs relaxation. Fir needle oil essential oil shows magical properties to relax the body and takes away all the tiredness. Diffusing or inhaling this oil gives wonderful aromatherapy benefits that rekindles one’s spirit and rejuvenates your body.


Relieves From Stress

Stress has been one of the key causes behind various health issues. It can be on the physical as well as mental level. This it becomes important to keep your mind and body completely stress free and at peace. Fir needle oil essential oil proves to be immensely beneficial in eliminating stress and infuses a sense of calmness in the mind.


Loosens And Relaxes Muscles

To give complete rest to the body it is very important to loosen up and relax those tight body muscles. Fir needle essential oil has significant analgesic property that soothes your body muscles and aids in muscle recovery.

relax muscles

Pain Reliever

Fir needle oil acts as a stimulator that helps to bring blood to the top most layer of the skin and thus increases the healing rate. It shortens the recovery time and acts as a good agent in relieving pain caused due to arthritis.



This oil has plenty of those organic and active compounds that help in triggering the body to get rid of toxins efficiently.


Boosts Metabolic Rate

Metabolism plays a very significant role in the performance of body. Fir needle essential oil works as a body stimulant that boosts metabolism by enhancing the digestive rate of a person.



This is one of the basic uses of this oil. Fir needle oil possesses special antimicrobial and antioxidant properties that not only clean the floor but also your body effectively. Its wonderful disinfectant action makes it a wonderful addition in household cleaning solutions and detergents. This notable advantage of this oil makes it one of the valuable items in the personal care and hygiene care industry.


Respiratory Function

Inhaling this oil clears the respiratory tract and alleviates respiratory issues such as common cold, cough or flu. Its beneficial anti-inflammatory effect loosen mucous and soothes throat, bronchial tubes effectively.


Prevents Body Odour

If body odour is making you embarrassed in front of people then fir needle oil is what you need at those circumstances. This oil comes as a natural and effective solution to this problem. Application of this oil reduces the growth of bacteria that results into bad body smell. This oil has a lovely woody smell that gives you an instant solution to your body odour problem.

Body Odour

Heals Damaged Bones

Application of this oil to the region area of fractured bone makes the healing process quick and easy. Fir needle oil also aids in speedy repair of bone.

Damaged Bones

Prevents Osteoporosis

Fir needle essential oils prove to be natural remedy for osteoporosis and arthritis. Its topical application also increases the density and mass of bones and makes them less prone to breakage.



Fir needle essential oils have enormous amounts of organic compounds that show antiseptic and antibacterial properties. It stimulates your immune system and effectively eliminates deadly infections and its difficult symptoms.


Fights Free Radicals

This useful oil destroys free radicals and other toxins in the body that are the causes of cancers, ageing and tumours in the body.


With these beneficial health benefits and uses you are surely going to get benefitted with the inclusion of this healthy oil in your daily life.


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