15 Extraordinary Uses Of Hydrogen Peroxide At Home


Hydrogen peroxide, which is often known as a household disinfectant is found in every household. If not, you can get it from your nearby grocery stores. It is available at a lower cost and has several purposes to serve such as healing, cleaning, hygiene etc. Hydrogen peroxide is a transparent liquid and looks exactly like water. Also, it has potent oxidizing properties and this is why it is used as a bleaching agent. The oxidizing properties of hydrogen peroxide enable it to react with the viruses, bacteria, yeasts, and spores, thus making it a powerful disinfectant. Hydrogen peroxide has several medicinal properties as well.

Read On To Know The Top 15 Extraordinary Uses Of Hydrogen Peroxide At Home

Treats Boils And Acne

If you are having an infected acne or boils, try using hydrogen peroxide. Simply dab it on the affected area and it fastens the healing process by killing the harmful bacteria and cleansing the affected area. However, don’t overdo this as it might even kill the good bacteria.


For Healing Wounds

The most obvious reason of using hydrogen peroxide at home is to heal the wounds faster. You can use 3% hydrogen peroxide solution to apply on the minor wounds and clean the dead tissue. Hydrogen peroxide solution can halt the minor bleeding and keeps infections at bay.


Treating Foot Fungus

Athlete’s foot is really painful. If you have tried following other unsuccessful treatments opt for hydrogen peroxide solution and it works amazingly, thanks to its antifungal compounds. Prepare a mixture by diluting equal parts of water with hydrogen peroxide and use it to kill the foot fungus.


For Canker Sores

Having canker sores? Then, simply try swishing a small cup of hydrogen peroxide solution in your mouth. Dilute equal proportions of water and hydrogen peroxide to prevent any irritations. Swish this solution in your mouth for a minute before spitting it off. Rinse your mouth again with fresh water.

canker sores

Treating Sinus Infections

There are some people who have mentioned that hydrogen peroxide solution has helped in lowering the symptoms associated with sinus infections. Dilute 3% hydrogen peroxide solution with equal proportions of water and use it as a nasal spray. Spray it in your nose and blow it back after a few seconds. This therapy helps treat a sinus infection.


Treats A toothache

Having a toothache? Then, try using hydrogen peroxide solution to swish around the mouth for a few seconds, hold on for a few minutes before spitting it off. This treatment helps in lessening the pain. However, don’t overdo it.


Whitens Nails

You can whiten your nails the same way you do for your tooth and hair. Just soak your nails in a small bowl containing diluted hydrogen peroxide solution. Also, dab a cotton ball dipped in hydrogen peroxide solution and leave it for a minute. Follow this treatment regularly until the nails become brighter.


Treats Bad Breath

A great alternative for treating bad breath problems is using a hydrogen peroxide solution as a mouthwash. Swish around the hydrogen peroxide solution in your mouth as it helps kill the bad bacteria present in the mouth that is responsible for the bad breath.

bad breath

Treats A Yeast Infection

Douching is a great way to treat an irritating yeast infection. Try adding two cups of hydrogen peroxide to your mix and use it to douche the affected area. This treatment helps control or even cures this infection.

yeast infection

For A Detoxifying Bath

You can have a detoxifying bath by adding two quarts of hydrogen peroxide in the water you bath. Soak for a few minutes as it helps clean the germs apart from soothing your body and mind.


Treats An Ear Infection

Some people have mentioned that using hydrogen peroxide solution as ear drops helps clear the infection. However, you need to pre-seek your doctor’s approval before trying this out at home.


Use It To Prepare Toothpaste At Home

To prepare effective toothpaste at home, start mixing both baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. In fact, this homemade toothpaste is free from artificial ingredients and works amazingly.


For Blonde Hair

Mix equal proportions of hydrogen peroxide and water. Store it in a spray bottle. You can spray hydrogen peroxide solution on your hair. Doing so regularly can show blonde highlights.


Treats Corns And Calluses

People having corn’s feet and calluses can try soaking their feet in a tub filled with hydrogen peroxide and water. It helps in softening them and provides relief.


Disinfects Your Countertops

You can quickly disinfect your countertops at home using hydrogen peroxide solution. Mix it with equal proportions of water and store it in a spray bottle. Spray this solution on the surfaces you have to wipe it using a sponge. It can even help clean the tiles and the mirrors at home.




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