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15 Benefits Of Water Hyssop For Skin Hair And Health

15 Amazing Benefits Of Water Hyssop For Skin Hair And Health

Water hyssop is a very significant herb in Ayurveda. This herb is well known for its amazing memory boosting qualities. The bio-compounds and alkaloids present in it have a beneficial effect on the brain. It helps in treating several neurological conditions.

Here Are 15 Amazing Benefits Of Water Hyssop For Skin Hair And Health

Boosts Memory

Consumption of this herb increases the intellectual as well as cognitive abilities of a person. It helps in improving concentration and memory. It is very good for children and has been proved to increase their IQ. It helps in boosting confidence and getting mental clarity. In this way this herb is very beneficial for growing children.

boost memory

Treats Sleep Related Disorders

Water hyssop has sedative properties. It helps in reduction of convulsion naturally and keeps your mind calm. Intake of this herb supports mental health and wards off stress from the body. A glass of fresh water hyssop tea when consumed before bed helps in inducing sleep and restores the secretion of chemicals in the brain. This way this herb acts as an effective natural cure for insomnia and disturbed sleep.


Eradicates Free Radicals

Water hyssop has very beneficial antioxidants that help in eradicating free radicals from the body and lower oxidative stress. Thus it aids in delaying ageing process and cures the cardiovascular system. The beneficial antioxidant action of this herb enables your body to maintain a healthy metabolism along with preventing chances of cancer. Water hyssop is highly resistant towards acrylamidem which is a toxin that causes neuro-generative ailments.

Free Radicals

Helps Relieve Pain

Water hyssop acts as a remarkable pain reliever. This herb is proven to alleviate headache, backache and joint pain easily and effectively. It is one of the important ingredients in preparation of herbal concoctions that helps in easing different types of bodily pain.

Helps Relieve Pain

Treat Respiratory Issues

This herb can be consumed in the form of eating its fresh raw leaves or drinking the fresh juice of this herb. This herb helps in clearing the congestion and prevents cold. It is a good natural remedy for treating bronchitis as well as sinusitis. It also removes phlegm and gives immediate relief from the inflammation and pain of throat.

Respiratory problem

Promotes Skin Health

Water hyssop acts as a powerful astringent. This quality cleans all the skin pores and help to close them quickly. It fastens wound healing and prevents sagging of skin.


Slows Down Ageing

This herb is mostly used in preparation of Ayurvedic lotion to reduce fine lines and wrinkles on the skin. Topical application of this herb prevents skin issues like psoriasis, ulcers etc. This herb nourishes your skin and keeps it healthy and smooth.

Slows Down Ageing

Healthy Hair

Water hyssop is considered to be the best therapy to maintain healthy hair naturally. Prepare a fine paste of this herb and apply it onto your hair and scalp. Regular application of this herb stimulates the growth of your hair and makes it strong and voluminous. It reduces brittleness of the hair and problem of split ends. This herb is full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that make your hair thick and nourished.

Healthy Hair

Healthy Scalp

This beneficial herb nourishes the follicles of hair and keeps your scalp healthy. It relieves the dryness of the scalp and makes it hydrated and moist. Also its regular application helps in warding off various types of scalp related infection and dandruff.

Healthy Scalp

Antiseptic Nature

The extract of Water hyssop treats burns rapidly and naturally. Its magical extracts when open wounds prevents the risk of septic and increases the rate of healing.

Antiseptic Properties

Prevents Cancer

This herb has been known for its anti-cancer properties that successfully treat several types of cancers like stomach cancer and esophagus.


Diuretic Agent

The water hyssop leaves have diuretic properties. It also increases the circulation of blood in the body.


Gets Rid Of Stress And Anxiety

Stress is the main cause behind various ailments. The leaves of Water hyssop come as a rescue to relieve stress and anxiety in a person. The beneficial components present in this herb cure all types of hormonal balance and lowers the levels of stress hormones. Application of this herb also relaxes a person.

Gets Rid Of Stress And Anxiety

Anti-Inflammatory Action

The anti-inflammatory action of the leaves eliminates swelling and swelling on the skin. It is also helpful for people who are suffering from inflammatory conditions such as gout, arthritis etc.


Treat Epilepsy

The water hyssop leaves is a natural cure to epilepsy. Consumption of this herb prevents occurrence of epileptic fits and other mental ailments including bipolar disorder and neuralgia.


These are some of the benefits of water hyssop herb. To avail these health benefits you need to include it in your diet regularly.



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