15 Benefits Of Rose For Skin, Hair And Health



The rose is a symbol of love and and athe flowers are used for decoration. The oil derived from steam distilling the rose petals has many uses. Rose water which is used widely in the beauty industry, is the by product of this distillation process. Not just a decorational flower, the rose is great for the skin, hair, and body. Intake of its tea or petals can relieve the body of stomach ailments, increase blood flow, and even drive away infections from the system.

Let Us Explore The Wide Range Of Benefits Of The Rose Flower


The petals of rose have antibacterial properties to treat many skin conditions like dermatitis, eczema, rashes and even dry skin. Young girls, often use rose water to clear the face, and treat acne. It not only dries the acne but also prevents it from recurring. Seeds of fenugreek soaked overnight and crushed and mixed with rose water can be applied on the acne. Use it two to three times to get rid of these pimples completely.



Rose water is used as an astringent to keep the excess oils in control and prevent acne. It tones the skin gently and deep cleanses to give a fresh, clean, firmer and youthful skin.

Use Astringent Daily


Rose petals are rich in vitamin A, B, C and D. It acts as a great skin moisturiser and is gentle on the dlin and moisturises deep within.


Gentle On Sensitive Skin

The sugars in rose help in treating all skin conditions gently without causing any irritation or harshness to the skin. Rose is used as an ingredient in moisturisers and skin creams in the cosmetic industry. It also helps in reducing inflammation of the skin and heals very soothingly.

 sensitive skin

Weight Loss

Though seems suprising,but rose petals contain compounds that help in reducing weight. These petals can be eaten to satisfy hunger and keep thestomach full for longer periods. The compounds in rose help in increasing the metabolism of the body, clear toxin to give way to weight loss. Boil rose water in boiling water till it becomes pink. Stain and add a tsp of cinnamon powder to this solution and have it every day ealry in the morning to shed extra kilos.

Weight Loss


Intake of rose petals or rose tea can improve the testosterone levels and improve blood flow to the male organs.

Relaxing And Energizing

It regulates the heart, mind and also the nervous sytem to revalize and energise a person. Its oil is used in aromatherapy treatments and can relax a restless mind.



Eating the petals of rose or taking rose tea can relieve the body of the problem of constipation.The fiber and water in rose help in removing waste and toxins smoothly from the body.


Treats Piles

Roses are also effective in the treatment of piles. They help in overcoming the pain of bleeding piles and drinking crushed rose petal juice in the morning will help in treating the piles problem.


Lightens Lip Color

For those who have dark lips, apply crushed rose petals or rose water to slowly lighten dark lips. Add milk, honey, or cream for more effective results. This regime followed regularly will turn the lips pink, in addition to exfoliating gently and moisturising them.


Digestive System

Intake of rose tea or the petals can help in cleansing the gall bladder and liver and clear it of toxins. It aids in bile secretion too.



Rose is anteseptic in nature and prevents the spreading of infections in the body. Skin infections, stomach infections, and infections in the gut can also be treated with the intake of rose tea or raw petals of rose flower.


Hair Growth

Roses can be used to treat the problems of the scalp.It is antibacterial and antimicrobial, and can be used to clean and wash the hair to promote hair growth and give the hair a lovely shine.

Healthy Hair

Lightens Skin Tone

Regular application of crushed roses with milk can lighten the skin tone. It also gives a glowing complexion and blemish free skin while exfoliating the skin gently.


Eye Wash

The antiseptic qualities of rose petals make it effective in treating eye infections. The rose tea can be cooled and used to wash the eye to help in treating and preventing the growth of eye problems.

eye infections

Respiratory Problems

Problems like asthma,wheezing, bronchial infections can all be treated with the intake of rose tea. It helps on driving infections out of the body.




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