15 Benefits Of Panaway Essential Oil


PanAway essential oil is a highly beneficial blend of four oils. This oil comprises wintergreen essential oil, peppermint essential oil, helichrysum essential oil, and clove essential. PanAway essential oil was formulated by Gary Young when he suffered a severe injury and had damaged the ligaments of his legs. It offers you several therapeutic and health benefits, and aids you in overcoming certain aches and discomfort. So, it is beneficial for you to learn prominent benefit of this essential oil.

Find Below Some Key Benefits Of Panaway Essential Oil

Alleviates Back Pain

Lots of individuals of all age groups suffer from back pain and look for effective ways to obtain relief from the pain. PanAway essential oil is a great solution to mitigate your mild to severe back ache. Apply this oil once your blend it with a carrier oil or you can ask someone to apply it on your back.

back Pain

Treat Headache

Headache can be annoying and irritating for many individuals. PanAway essential oil is a highly effective cure to treat your headache. All you need to do is apply this oil on your head to get relief. Simply apply some drops of oil on your forehead and temples and massage the area gently.


Relieves Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a painful condition which often results due to anxiety and stress. By using PanAway essential oil along with its carrier oil you can ease the irritating pain resulting due to fibromyalgia to a great extent.


Treats Menstrual Cramping

Applying just a few drops of PanAway essential oil in the lower abdominal area of your body when suffering from menstrual cramp, you can alleviate the pain substantially. This oil aids in mitigating discomfort due to menstrual cramps and flatulence.


Safeguards From Stress

If you are suffering from stress and its harmful effects, PanAway essential oil can help relieve the stress. Clove essential oil and peppermint essential oils in PanAway oil help improve your mood to a great extent. This remedial oil makes you feel happy and prevents you from feeling low. All you need to do is rub a few drops of this medicinal oil on your temples to minimize the stress on your nerves or nervous system.Stress

Minimizes Effects Of Bruises

PanAway essential oil helps minimize discomfort and small swelling resulting due to bruises. It also helps minimize irritation and redness when this oil is blended with Arnica gel.


Promotes Digestion

PanAway essential oil is also highly beneficial in promoting smooth digestion. Peppermint oil is a key ingredient of this blended oil so it helps in carrying out smooth digestive processes.


Enhances Oral Health

PanAway oil comprises clove essential oil as an important component so it helps in enhancing your oral health to a great extent. Also, this vital oil is good to treat the pain in your gums.

Oral health

Aids Body Repair

PanAway oil contains helichrysum essential oil as one of its key components. This medicinal oil offers healing effect to your body. It repairs wear and tear in your body which occurs on a daily basis. This oil supports and heals your skin, nervous system, and liver to a great extent.

nervous system

Relaxes Muscles

Muscular pain and strain on your leg, neck, shoulder, feet, and other body parts makes it very difficult for you to carry out your daily activities smoothly. Apply just some drops of PanAway essential oil helps minimize stress and strain on your muscles and provides soothing effect.

relax muscles

Soothes Soreness

PanAway essential oil is highly beneficial in treating soreness in your body parts. The blend of carrier oils helps minimize the soreness in your body muscles effectively.


Resolves Wrist Pain

Working computer keyboard and mouse can make you suffer from wrist pain. Wrist pain can affect your performance adversely. Applying PanAway essential oil can help minimize the pain under your wrist and forearm to a great extent. All you need to do is apply this remedial oil to your painful wrist.

wrist pain

Heals Shin Splints

Prolonged running on hard surface can cause chronic pain in your shin and legs resulting in shin splints. PanAway essential oil is highly beneficial in healing shin splints. All you need to do is get diluted version of this remedial oil and apply it on your shins. It promotes quick recovery of your painful shin splints.

shin splint

Helps Joint And Cartilage Functioning

Discomfort in joints and cartilage is one of the biggest concerns that prevent you from carrying out your regular activities with an ease. Application of PanAway essential oil helps promote smooth functioning of your joints and cartilages effectively.


Relaxes Body

Adding some drops of PanAway essential oil to your bathtub containing hot water and Epsom salt mixture can help you have a relaxing bath. Having such a relaxing bath refreshes your mind and body effectively.


Now that you know prominent benefits of PanAway essential oil, use it to enjoy good health and life.



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