15 Benefits Of Margosa Leaves On Skin, Hair And Health

15 Benefits Of Margosa Leaves On Skin, Hair And Health

Margosa, described in the ancient Ayurveda texts as a reliever of diseases, is a very useful product for maintaining the health. From roots, till leaves, fruits, seeds, gum and bark, every part of Margosa has constantly been used for some or the other purpose. Although, a number of Margosa products are available for your purpose but using fresh Margosa is better than any product. Margosa is full of antifungal, antibacterial, detoxifying, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant properties and certain other nutrients and vitamins that flourishes the health of human beings. Seeing the effectiveness of Margosa, medical science has implemented its presence in various medicines but it is not the only way to bring Margosa into use.

Here Are Mentioned 15 Health Benefits For Margosa Leaves

How To Use Margosa leaves?

If applying on skin, then use after grinding. In case of hair problem, either use the grinded Margosa paste or Margosa water. For boiling, add Margosa leaves into water and boil till it starts giving color. Cool off and rinse your hair with the water. If consuming for purpose that involves the internal organs of the body then drink Margosa juice.

15 Health Benefits Of Margosa Leaves

1. Prohibiting Cancer

Margosa is capable of killing cancer cells. If the cancer cells gang up at one place, it becomes hard for the body to undergo that phase but Margosa is an incredible product that keeps these cells from assembling at one place. By making them loafing around, it kills them slowly and slowly. Therefore, drink one glass of Margosa juice daily.


2. Lowering Fatigue

When the number of bad bacteria roam in our system, our body tends to increase its metabolism and defense mechanism in fighting against those bacteria but when you have doses of Margosa in your internal system, your body needs not to utilize too much of energy in fighting them. As Margosa destroys the troublesome bacteria, your colon remains clean and infection free. You can also apply topically to kills the bacteria.


3. Treats Hair Problems

When suffering from baldness or other hair problems, bring Margosa into application. It stops hair fall, treats lice and turns hair black. If there is any kind of microbial infection, then also you can apply Margosa oil.

Hair Fall

4. Treats Skin Disorders

Margosa can be used for treating skin disorders was first known through Ayurveda. It is because of the detoxifying properties of Margosa that it is so effective in treating problems related to skin.

Skin Inflammation

5. Chicken Pox

As we know that parts of margosa leaves are lush with antibacterial and antifungal properties. Therefore, one of the most common application because of these properties is for the patients suffering from chicken pox. For treating chicken pox, margosa plants’ leaves and branches are put in bath water. While the antibacterial properties provides relief from itching and inflammation. continuous usage of margosa leaves not just keeps chicken pox at bay but also removes its marks if already happened.

Chicken Pox

6. Margosa Heals Wounds

After turmeric comes Margosa in healing the wounds. Margosa has antimicrobial properties that heals wound without causing any infection on them.


7. Treat Asthma

According to the experts, Margosa is an efficient product in curing breathing problems or asthma. Drink Margosa juice with honey to overcome the problem. Along with asthma, it will also cure phlegm, cough and fever.


8. Diabetes

As Margosa plays marvelous in reducing the blood sugar level, it is a miracle for diabetes patients. When you take Margosa in and it gets digested, it plays the role of insulin in treating your problem.


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9. Delays Ageing Of Skin

Ageing is a problem that makes us give try to various creams but the option of Margosa proves to be far better than these creams. It has regenerative properties that strengthen skin to fight pathogens that cause one or the other skin problem. As a result, your skin feels calm and supple. You can use Margosa face pack by grinding fresh Margosa leaves and applying on your face for few minutes.


10. Generates Heat

Heat generating properties of Margosa supports intense form of energy inside the body. Therefore, if taken in cold weather, it causes the rise in the mucous level. The only thing that is to be kept in mind is not to have it in pregnancy as intense heat can damage fetus.

Increases Energy

11. Improves General Health Of Skin

Combating the bacteria and other microbes with its anti-microbial property, Margosa provide immunity to the general health of the skin. It can be grinded and used as a face pack for 20-25 minutes.


12. Protects Oral health

No matter how bitter it is but it can be used for improving the oral health of the person. As millions of small bacteria reside in the human tongue and teeth therefore, Margosa can be used for its antiseptic and antibacterial property. It destroys cavities, halitosis and gum disease causing bacteria.

Oral health

13. Controls Pregnancy

Margosa acts as a birth control agent effective in preventing the fertilization in both the sexes. It can also be used as spermicide capable of preventing sexually transmitted diseases. Margosa can also treat excessive vaginal discharge.


14. Arthritis

Margosa acts as a potent botanical agent for those suffering from osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Better, if consumed in the form of juice.


15. Heals Ulcers

The extracts that comes from Margosa bark are extremely effective in curing stomach and intestinal ulcers. The bark may also be used to prevent malaria and other skin disorders therefore consume the bark extract with honey twice daily and hope for a healthy system.




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