15 Benefits Of Kidney Beans For Skin Hair And Health

Kidney Beans

Kidney bean is a very common legume all over the world. They are basically dark red in colour and have a shape of a kidney. As the name suggests these beans are very beneficial for our kidneys. You can eat them in these beans in variety of forms such as raw form or add them in soups, curry or with rice etc.

Here Are 15 Amazing Health Benefits Of Kidney Beans For Skin, Hair And Health

Treats Cancer

Kidney beans have a beneficial compound called manganese that is very effective in protecting antioxidant from destruction. Kidney beans are also used in reducing free radicals present in the cells of mitochondria.


Relieves Stress

Loaded with good amounts of vitamin K kidney beans helps in protecting the cells from stress causes due to oxidation and also reduce the probabilities of cancer. Vitamin K is a fat soluble vitamin that also helps in synthesis of several beneficial proteins in the body. These beans also play a primary role in clotting of blood.


Better Functioning Of Brain

Vitamin K is found in abundance in kidney beans that makes it highly beneficial for your brain and entire nervous system. With the help of Vitamin K the production of sphingo-lipids is increased that improves the performance of your brain and nervous system. With a high amount of thiamine these beans are used by the cells of the brain for cognitive functionalities.


Regulates Blood Sugar

Kidney beans are rich in soluble fiber that decreases the rate of metabolism of carbohydrates. As these are digested slowly in the body, the amount of sugar secreted in the blood also rise slowly after a meal. Kidney Beans are known to have plenty of protein too that significantly decreases blood sugar levels in the body.


Aids In Detoxification

Molybdenum present in Kidney beans works to detoxify sulphites in the body. This is very important especially for people who are suffering from sulphite allergies. Consumption of kidney beans also lowers the signs such as head pain by effectively detoxifying sulphites from the body.


Promotes Healthy Digestive System

Kidney beans are known to contain insoluble fiber in it that regularizes the movement of bowel in the body. Intake of these beans results into fermentation of dietary fiber in the large intestine. This helps in maintaining good bacteria in your digestive tract. When the bowel movements become easy then the risk of colon cancer is also reduced to a large extent.


Low Levels Of Cholesterol

The high amount of fiber in kidney beans reduces bad cholesterol level in the body. It protects your heart from various cardiovascular diseases.


Promotes Healthy Heart

Folate is also found in these beans in high amounts that lower the amounts of homocysteine in the body and decreases the chances of heart attacks, strokes and heart ailments. Also rich in magnesium, kidney beans results in improved efficiency and better functioning of your cardiovascular system.


Increases Energy

Kidney beans have immense amounts of two key nutrients i.e., iron and manganese that boosts the energy levels of your body. The metabolic power and energy production is increased considerably. Cures Anaemia Being rich in iron, kidney beans efficiently treats anaemia and other diseases resulting from the deficiency of iron.

Increases Energy

Plenty Of Protein

Protein is very essential for the growth of hair and repairing your damage hairs and split hair ends successfully. It gives your hair volume and shine.

Healthy Hair

Strong Bones

Kidney beans have plenty of protein, magnesium and calcium that help in building strong bones and muscles. It helps in the treatment of osteoporosis. Rich in folate these beans maintain a good level of homocysteine that lowers the chances of fractures of hip and bone.

Healthy Bones

Red Blood Cells

The nutrients available in kidney beans lowers the homocystine level in the blood thus, regulates the proper functioning of red blood cells.

blood cells

Synthesizes DNA And RNA

The nutrients present in kidney beans helps in the production of DNA and RNA. It also lowers the dangerous level of homocysteine n the arteries and prevents risk of heart disease.


Maintains Healthy Skin

Kidney beans improve the metabolism of gluconeogenesis, amino acids, histamine synthesis, neurotransmitter synthesis, lipids, fatty acids and haemoglobin synthesis. This leads to healthy and beautiful skin.


Bile Formation

Kidney beans helps in the formation on bile in the liver. The insoluble fiber present in the kidney helps in the formation of bile.

Bile Formation in liver

One has to soak these seeds in water and leave them for overnight. You can consume them by cooking these beans in the morning. So far you have only known about the wonderful taste of kidney beans, now you have come to know about its varied health benefits. So include it in your diet and stay healthy.


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