15 Benefits Of Geranium For Skin Hair And Health

Benefits Of Geranium For Skin Hair And Health

Geranium is an herb which is extensively known for its uses in aromatherapy. The essential oil used in the therapy is prepared from the stem, flowers and leaves of the plant. Geranium is basically extracted by the steam distillation procedure.

Here Are 15 Benefits Of Geranium For Skin Hair And Health

Anti Fungal And Antiseptic Properties

Geranium oil is anti microbial in nature. Other than that it is anti fungal as well as antiseptic. It tends to avert the nature of the fungi and bacteria and the wounds of injury are safeguarded from infections being developed.


Boosts Immunity

As geranium is anti microbial it works great in order to increase the immunity of the body. It tends to strengthen the defense cells of the body and under these circumstance helps in dealing with various internal and external toxic challenges in the body successfully.


Boosts Metabolism

Researches have found that geranium has cytophylactic properties that are capable of boosting the mechanism of the body which is essential for maintaining the health and the growth of the body cells or the reproductive cells. Geraniums play a very important role in regard to restore the new cells and recycle the dead ones in the body.



This herb is widely known for its diuretic properties. It facilitates the discharge of urine from the urinary bladder and results in getting rid of a number of toxic materials and several excess elements like bile, fat, water, etc.


Prevents Neural Disorders

Another great advantage of using geranium us that it tends to make microglia cells to be active and facilitate the release of certain nitric oxides which has potent inflammatory factors which helps in the reduction of inflammation in the brain and keep the degenerative at the bay. We can prevent fatal neural disorders like Alzheimer’s disease and dementia by using this herb.


Stimulates Endocrine Glands

Geranium helps in taking care of the overall health. It is used as a tonic to stimulate the endocrine gland that helps in normalizing the secretion of the hormones. To regularize the functionalities of the system they can maintain the standard of the amount of acid bile and the enzymes in the body.

Stimulates Endocrine glands

Treats Gastrointestinal System

Geranium has indirect effects to the gastrointestinal systems and also helps the cardiovascular systems. It increases the urination of the digestion which produces to improve the gas that is accumulated in the intestine. In the same way it reduces the level of sodium in the body which helps in keeping the blood pressure normal.


Treats Respiratory Disorders

There are a number of respiratory disorders like nose infection, sore throat etc which can be easily treated with the use of geranium successfully.

Respiratory problem

Heals Skin Disorders

Geranium is very well known for its positive effect on various skin disorders like rashes, acne and fungal infection. The best thing about this is that it is a cicatrisant. This can help you get rid of scars and make your skin flawless.

Skin Disorders

Natural Skin Cleanser

The geranium oil is a natural cleaner. It can be used directly on the skin or add it to water while bathing. It gives your skin with radiant and glowing skin.


Regulates Sebum Secretion

Geranium is a perfect solution for oily as well as dry skin. It helps to balance the oil on the scalp and hair. This makes the hair get vitalized and looks very healthy. It basically works on the sebaceous gland that is present on the scalp and regulates the secretion of sebum.

dry skin

Promotes Hair Growth

Geranium helps in promoting the growth of hair by toning up the scalp and nourishing them.

Healthy Hair

Combats Skin Ageing

Contraction of the tissues and muscle are increased by the geranium which results in untimely sagging. Our facial skin gets tightened and results in wrinkles or line lines are seen. By using geranium we can combat skin aging symptoms.


Long Lasting Aroma

The essential oil prepared from geranium herb is very pleasant and is captivating the long lasting aroma. Therefore it is widely used in deodorants and is used to regulate perspiration and purging body odor.


Treats Women’s Health

Geranium is highly effective in various women’s health issues from that of premenstrual cramps to that of post menopausal syndrome. This herb is very good for reducing each and everything that a woman is suffering from.

 women’s health

It is amazing that the entire plant including the roots can be used to produce oil from the plants. Due to its amazing properties and benefits, geranium oil is used in plenty of medical, hair care and skin care purposes.


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