15 Benefits Of Fig Juice For Skin, Hair And Health

15 Benefits Of Fig Juice For Skin, Hair And Health

Fig is a fruit which is native to the Asia region and the Mediterranean. This fruit is an important part of diet for the Roman people and the Greeks. This was said to increase the swiftness and the strength of the people as it has huge nutritional value. It has high content of water, minerals and fibers. The best way to extract all the goodness of fig is to drink fig juice which is the most effective way to obtain nutrients from the fruit. This juice has zero side effects and can be given to children.

Here Are Some Of The Major Benefits Of Fig Juice:

1. Natural Sleep Inducer

Fig is a great source of vitamin B6 therefore fig juice is an excellent laxative. If you are suffering from insomnia drinking fig juice in the evening or before going to bed is what they have to do. As the juice contains tryptophan which is one of the 20 basic amino acids and helps as a sleep inducer. It is not only for adults but young children can also have it.

Natural Sleep Inducer

2. Treats Bronchial Infection

Fig juice is very effective in clearing bronchial infection which helps in soothing the mucous membranes and reduce irritation.

Treats Bronchial Infection

3. Treats Bladder Stones

Sometimes minerals get deposited on the bladder and results in causing bladder stone. Fig juice is a huge source of minerals and nutrients which is low in cholesterol and sodium. This in a way helps in fighting bladder stones.

Treats Bladder Stones

4. Treats Constipation

Fig juice helps in curing constipation. All you have to do is combine it with oat milk which helps in relieving constipation symptoms. Take 300 ml of oat milk and 90 ml of fig juice. This should be consumed after waking up from sleep in the morning in order to get quick relief.

Treats Constipation

5. Building Body

As fig juice is high in carbohydrates and sugar, it acts as a natural body builder. Drinking this juice helps in boosting the vitality which helps in exercising more and burn off fat faster and the extra calories. Other than that the high glucose content of the juice also helps in fuel up the muscles and helps in workout whereas the protein helps in building nutrients. Therefore, fig juice is a great effective substitute to muscle building power drinks for body builders which costs heavy.

6. Burns Calories

Fig Juice is concentrated to lose weight as they have high fiber content. Drinking fig juice must be a part of the weight loss diet as it cuts the unnecessary fat and provides the body with required nutrition. In some of the place instead of using sugar, fig extracts are used in desserts.

Burns Calories

7. Substitute To Breast Milk

Fresh fig juice is similar in composition to that of breast milk and can help in double the size of the infants within six months. For the women who suffer from HIV/AIDS this is the best way to substitute their milk for their infants. Other than that it also acts as a substitute to those suffering from whey, soy allergies.

Substitute To Breast Milk

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8. Prevents Degeneration Of Muscles

Fig juice helps in prevention of age induced vision problems that is prevents muscular degeneration.

Prevents Degeneration Of Muscles

9. Treats Acne And Pimples

Fig juice has healing properties and can heal skin warts and sores. Appling the juice of fig on the skin for 10 to 15 minutes helps in treating acne and pimples.

Treats Acne And Pimples

10. Reduces Signs Of Ageing

Fig contains Vitamin C which acts as antioxidants by fighting the free radicals that are responsible to damage the skin.

Reduces Signs Of Ageing

11. Hair Growth

Fig juice contains minerals such as magnesium which helps in the growth of the hair.

Hair Growth

12. Collagen Formation

Fig juice has calcium which contributes to the formation of collagen which helps in the making up of your skin and hair.

Collagen Formation

13. Reduces Bad Breath

Chewing two to three fig leaves and gargle fig juice with water might help overcoming ulcer and bad breath.

Reduces Bad Breath

14. Sexual Vitality

Fig is a remedy to increase the sexual weakness. All you have to do is soak Fig juice in milk, eat it in the morning and overcomes the weakness.

 Sexual Vitality

15. Diabetes

Making fig juice including the seeds and honey helps in controlling diabetes.


As the fruit is so rich in nutrients like calcium, potassium and manganese it is very much beneficial for boosting the bone density of the body and consequently reduce their intake of dairy products in the diet. Therefore, fig s very low in fat and is less in cholesterol which acts as a substitute to the dairy products. Other than that it tends to increase the strength and stamina of the body which is pretty important for the athletes.



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