15 Benefits Of Betony For Skin, Hair And Health



An edible herb at that, betony is loaded with innumerous benefits for humans which can be put to use in staying healthy and beautiful.

Some Of The Benefits Of Betony For Health, Skin And Hair Are Discussed Below

Acts As A Powerful Pain Killer

The herb known as betony is extremely beneficial in eradicating any kind of pain by interacting with the nerves in the affected region and by promoting the blood flow in there. Apart from this, betony is alos a great anodyne along with being an analgesic too, which makes it greatly effective in application as an ointment or poultice tropically on the skin as well.


Treat Hysteria And Hangover Woes

Due to being loaded with natural sedative properties in them, this herb betony is a great one which cures and treats the issues of hysteria and hangover in humans. This herb is beneficial in soothing and calming the nerves as well as the irritated muscles and thus in turn eases stress, hyperactivity and tension in the long run. This herb thus can effectively take care of woes such as panic attacks, palpitations and convulsions too!


Treat Spasms

Due to the natural antispasmodic properties present in the herb betony, it is used in spasm woes and in curing the cases of cerebral palsy and facial neuralgia too. This herb is capable of doing so due to being able to sooth and muscles and in keeping them in a relaxed state too.


Aids In Digestive Health

Betony as a herb has been used in order to promote the overall digestive system of humans since time immemorial and is known to have great curing properties when various gastric and gut ailments are concerned. While this herb is phenomenal in improving the appetite levels in humans, due to its anti- helmintic and laxative properties it aids in constipation and eradicates rge worms from gut and the intestine as well.


Promotes Cardiovascular Health

Betony is also great in promoting the cardiovascular system in humans due to the fact that it is great in lowering the blood pressure levels in the body and keeps it in check too. Along with this, this herb is effective in improving and stimulating the proper functioning of the heart and shields the organ from ailments including atherosclerosis and thrombosis too.


Eases The PMS Effects

While women may find difficult to take on the PMS effects on their bodies, this herb readily comes to the rescue due to its natural muscle relaxant properties which calms down the muscles and the nervous system. The antispasmodic properties in them reduce the spasm effects caused in the menstruation cycle and its sedative properties induce a great sleep at night as well.


Acts As An Anti-Pyretic Agent

Betony is also highly effective in treating headache issues and high fever conditions as well. This is due to the fact that this herb is known to promote the blood circulation in the body and in improving the metabolism thus eradicating fever woes.


Treats Depression And Insomnia

Due to the fact that betony as a herb is a mild sedative along with being a tranquilizing agent, it helps the human body to relax completely, inducing sleep and curbing insomnia to a great extent. Along with thus, as betony is a mood enhancing agent too, it helps fight off the signs of depression and the associated woes of anxiety in the long run.


Treats Headaches Caused Due To Array Of Issues

Another great health benefit associated with betony lies in the fact that it is by far extremely effective in treating and reducing all kinds of headaches, be it from stress, anxiety, sinusitis, nervous woes and also migraine pain too.


Aids In Respiratory Health

Betony being a natural expectorant aids in clearing off the upper respiratory tract which tends to get clogged with mucus when a person suffers from issues such as cough, sinusitis, influenza, common cold, asthma and bronchitis. Further, the antispasmodic properties in this herb relaxes the tensed muscles and also aids in relaxing the spasms associated with chronic situations.

Respiratory problem

Aids In Renal Health

Along with its array of health properties, this herb is also effective in improving the kidney health in humans too. This is due to the fact that betony is a natural diuretic which effectively promote the excretion and production of urine which in turn cures kidney stone woes as well.

renal health

Aphrodisiac Properties

The root of this herb, betony is known to be a great aphrodisiac and just by gyrating it in fine pieces and having it mixed with food gives extreme sexual pleasure.

Aphrodisiac Properties

Skin Benefits Of Betony

Treat Skin Inflammations

The anti-inflammatory property in betony comes to the rescue for people suffering from skin inflammation issues ranging up to eczema as well. Along with being great in relaxing the inflammation, betony also lowers the flare ups and the redness of skin too.

Skin Inflammations

Effective Healer Of Wounds/Cuts

The antiseptic properties in betony makes them to be a great remedy for bruises and wounds and it is known to reduce the pain and ensures fast recovery as well.


Hair Benefits Of Betony

Helps Treat Hair Woes

Betony is a great herb which acts as a natural cure for issues of head lice in humans due to its parasticide properties and the antiseptic and anti inflammatory properties in them eases and cures the issues such as dermatitis and scabies too.




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