15 Benefits 0f Neroli Oil

15 Benefits 0f Neroli Oil

Neroli oil is an essential oil used in aromatherapy. It is prepared from the flowers of the bitter orange plant scientifically called as Citrus aurantium. Neroli essential oil provides physical and mental health. The aroma of inhaled or absorbed oil is helpful in sending messages to the brain region that is associated with controlling the emotions and nervous system. Aromatherapy also influences stress levels, heart rate, breathing, immune function and blood pressure.

15 Benefits 0f Neroli Oil:

High blood pressure

A small research study published in a journal in 2012 says that neroli oil helps in the regulation of blood pressure. The participants with pre-hypertension were allowed to inhale placebo fragrance and aroma of essential oil blend consisting of neroli oil. Those who inhaled essential oil blend could experience reduction in blood pressure and stress hormone cortisol levels.

Blood pressure


Neroli essential oil is used to relieve chronic depression. It uplifts the mood of the person, stimulates the joyous feeling and drives away the shadow of agony. Due to this reason, neroli oil is mostly used in aromatherapy.



If there is any cut or wound, neroli oil is applied on the wounds in case there is much time for giving anti-tetanus injection. Applying the oil will prevent the wounds from other infections and tetanus. But, it is recommended to consult a physician after the first treatment.


Neroli oil vitalizes the body and boosts the energy. It is found to be increasing the libido, frigidity and helps in resolving erectile dysfunctions and impotence.

Improves energy


You can keep yourself warm during winter by inhaling neroli oil. It prevents you from cold and cough. The oil helps in clearing the mucus and allows normal and comfortable breathing during the sleep.

Cold And Flu Are Same


Neroli oil helps in keeping the body away from toxins and microbial infections. This essential oil gives relief to the people suffering from typhoid, cholera, food poisoning and other skin diseases caused by the bacteria.


Neroli oil works like anti-mark cream or even better than those. Some of the herbal products used for anti-marks have neroli oil as one of their ingredients. The scars and marks created by the boils, acne and pox will be cleared by applying this oil.

Good For Skin


Neroli oil helps in sending out gases from your stomach and intestines. It is definitely a relief to the body when gases are flushed out. The body will be free from stomach aches, indigestion, inflammation and loss of appetite. Blood pressure is also lessened by neroli oil.

Stomach Ulcer


Neroli oil aids in the growth of new cells and promotes the cellular health. The growth, strength and health of the body are maintained by using neroli essential oil.

Keeps women’s reproductive system healthy


Neroli oil taken internally will act as a disinfectant. It helps in curing the colon infections, kidney, prostrate and urinary tract infections. Neroli oil helps in curing skin infections and protects against new infections.

kidney stones (2)


Neroli essential oil effectively handles spasms and provides relief from spasmodic coughs, aches, cramps, and cholera. The oil helps in relaxing the body muscles.


Neroli oil can sedate the organs in the body as well as the metabolic functions of it. It provides relief from distress, anxiety, depression, anger, irritations and inflammations.

Reduces inflammation


The aroma of neroli oil can eliminate the foul smell. Neroli oil is used as body perfume and as a room freshener or vaporizer.


Neroli essential oil helps in the maintenance of good health such as appropriate rate of metabolism, enhanced immune system and proper blood circulation.

Blood Circulation


Neroli oil keeps the skin smooth, shiny and free from infections. The oil balance and appropriate moisture content in the skin is also maintained by this oil.



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