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15 Awesome Natural Remedies To Heal A Bruise


Bruises are black, purple or dark red marks on the skin that occur due to the injury to the blood vessels causing leakage of blood to the adjoining areas. Exercise, injury, fall or sensitive and delicate skin can be the reason of the bruise. It is often accompanied by pain and swelling and can be treated using simple home products.

Some Natural Treatments For Bruises Are

Ice Packs

Ice packs should be applied to the affected parts to reduce inflammation and pain. The ice effect heals the sore areas and gently cools the damaged blood vessels. It should be applied for 10 minutes. If the ice pack is not available, then apply a cloth that has been soaked in ice cold water. This will also soothe the bruise.

ice PACK

Lemon Juice

Though it might hurt a bit, but lemon juice is very effective in healing a bruise. Apply the lemon juice on the bruised area at least twice a day. This will heal the bruise faster and help in alleviating pain.



Crush the seeds of parsley and apply on the affected parts. The bruise heals fast and the blood vessels stop leaking internally and reduces the inflammation. Tie it with a plastic bandage to prevent spilling.



Apply the toothpaste to the affected area and leave for 15-20 minutes. Then wash with warm water to reduce the inflammation and soreness. Repeat till the bruise takes the original skin color.



Smear a big blob of butter on the bruise and leave it for a while. The fats in the butter heal the underlying blood capillaries to treat the wound and reduce the pain.


Salt Bag

Make a salt bag by tying a heap of salt in a cloth and making a bag. Heat this bag over a girdle and massage over the bruise. The heat should be bearable by the body. Or the bag can be dipped in hot water and kept on the wound. The salt draws out all the pain from the body and makes recovery easy and fast.

salt bag


Raw potato should be grated and applied on the bruise. The affected blood vessels draw the nutrients from potato which makes healing quick. The bruise disappears in no time.



Make a soak using vinegar and warm water and place it over the bruise. This compress can be applied many a times till the bruise subsides and the pain alleviates.



Pineapples contain an enzyme called bromelain that can dissolve the protein causing the bruise. When we eat pineapple, this enzyme travels through the blood vessels up to the bruise and does its healing trick. So eat lots of pineapples to eradicate bruises from the body.



This also contains bromelain and performs the same functions as that of pineapple. The intake of papaya makes the healing of wounds and inflammations faster.



Melt some chocolate and apply a thick layer over the bruise. This will draw out all the pain and dry up the bruise. Cover with a bandage to avoid spilling of the chocolate.



Hot sugar syrup applied to a bruise helps in quick drying up of the bruise and also prevents the blood from further leakage inside the skin. Honey can also be smeared on the wound. Cover with a cloth to keep the paste intact.


Turmeric And Tamarind

Make a thick paste using tamarind and apply 1 tsp of turmeric to it. Heat this paste and then apply on the wound and bandage it. Leave overnight if the bruise is painful as turmeric and tamarind will work together to treat the bruise and diminish it substantially by next morning.



The juice of onion can be applied on the bruise to dry it up, heal the blood clots and treat inflammation.


Black Coffee

Grind the seeds of black coffee and apply this on the bruise. Now bandage and leave overnight. The coffee works well on the bruise to alleviate pain, reduce swelling and diminish the bruise mark.

black coffee


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