15 Amazing Uses Of Teabags For The Skin Hair And Body


The use of a tea bag is not just limited to making tea. It can be used thereafter for a variety of purposes to give astonishing results. Tea contains tannic acid which soothes and relaxes the skin, and also has antioxidants which are good for the skin. This property of tea can be used for the benefit of the body, skin and hair.

The Various Uses Of Tea Bags Are

Soothes Tired Eyes

Soak two tea bags in warm water and then place it over tired and sore eyes. The tannic acid in tea is a great relaxant and helps in drawing out all the puffiness and fatigue from the eyes.

tired eyes

Soothes Cuts 

Painful cuts from razors can be soothed with the use of tea bags. Dab soaked tea bags on the area of cuts and razor burns to reduce the pain. Also, the cut will dry up faster as tannins in tea accelerate the healing process.


Covers Gray Hair

Steep 3 tea bags in 1 LTR of water and add herbs like sage and rosemary. Let this mix stay overnight. Strain in the morning and pour over the hair after shampooing the hair. Let the hair soak well in the tea liquid. Rinse after a while. Doing this repeatedly will bring the desired color to the hair.



Give your hair the last rinse after shampooing, with brewed tea liquor. This will not only condition the hair but also gives your locks a lovely shine and bounce.


Bleeding Gums 

Painful and bleeding gums, and pain due to the extraction of teeth, can be treated using tea bags. Dab the site of pain with the tea bags, the bleeding will stop and the pain will eventually alleviate.


Relieve Pain From Injection

If the child is constantly crying from the pain of injection, dab the area with a soaked tea bag. The tannins help in drawing out all the pain and reduce the soreness. It can be used in the case of adults too.


Dry A Poison Ivy Rash

Take a soaked tea bag and dab the area of the ivy rash with it. Doing this several times, a day will dry up the rashes fast and also reduce the itching and redness.

ivy rash

Reduce Foot Odor

Soak the feet in tea that has been brewed for 20 minutes. This will pull out all the bad smell from the feet and leave it fresh.

Foot Odor


To eliminate bad breath, rinse your mouth with hot peppermint tea to which a pinch of salt has been added. Can repeat if desired.


Antioxidant Bath 

Tea has antioxidant properties that are good for the skin and body. Fill a bath tub with warm water and add a few tea bags and let them infuse their effect in the water for a few minutes. Then soak yourself in that water. The body will feel rejuvenated and the tired muscles will be relaxed. Flavors like jasmine and chamomile can be added for aromatherapy effects.



Treat areas suffering from sunburn by dabbing on those spots with damp tea bags. The sunburns slowly heal and this process might have to be repeated several times to get the desired results.


Reduces Infections

Infections like pink eye, canker sores, plantar warts, and fever blisters can be treated with the use of tea bags.The tea bags will draw out the infections, reduce soreness and pain associated with the infection.


Facial Scrub

Green tea is excellent for the skin. Mix granulated sugar with green tea and add some water to the paste, now massage the face with this scrub. This scrub will not only exfoliate the skin and remove dead and dry layers but will also give a glow to the skin.


Face Mask

Make a face mask using equal amounts of baking soda, green tea and honey and apply it to the face, leave it for 1/2 hour. Wash off to get a clear sparkling skin.

face mask

Steam Inhalation For Face Glow

A green tea bag can be added to the steam water so that the steam is infused with the qualities of the green tea. This steam will make the skin fresh and clean and helps in tightening and will give it an instant glow.




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