15 Amazing Health Benefits Of Wintergreen Oil

wintergreen oil

Wintergreen is the leaves of a tree known as wintergreen tree. Wintergreen is the herb of the leaves of plant that are generally cold pressed as well as steam distilled in order to produce this essential wintergreen oil. The herb with this oil, are used as an analgesic property. This oil has a very pleasant as well as cooling aroma and is used very extensively in the field of aromatherapy because it invokes wellness along with concentration.

Here Are 15 Amazing Health Benefits Of Wintergreen Oil


This oil contains toxicity of high degree that cures any infection. Apply the oil on skin and then it will penetrate into the skin and gets absorbed by the body tissues and gets spreads inside the organs of the body.

Antiseptic Properties


This oil comprises of the property of astringent and helps to contract the muscle tissue, blood vessels, skin and the hair roots, which further add some firmness to the muscles as well as lifts the skin, thereby making the skin feel better as well as younger.

Use Astringent Daily

Acts As Stimulant

Wintergreen oil is a very effective stimulant that helps in discharging the gastric juices, bile, hormones, and enzymes. It helps in stimulating endocrinal glands, uterus and gallbladder. This oil further helps in improving the blood circulation, excretion and digestion.


Helps In Healing

Physical properties present in this wintergreen oil helps in absorbing into the skin. Methyl salicylate, a chemical that helps in inducing the numbness over the area at which the oil is applied. The anesthetic effect relieves pain, thereby promoting healing. It gives warmth on the affected area, increases blood flow and hence healing it naturally.


Helps In Relieving Stress

Anodynes are agents that relieve paint and also experience relaxation. This oil is a very effective anodyne because it helps in eradicating pains and helps to relieve stress. Wintergreen oil is useful to a person suffering from any kind of anxiety.


Anti Arthritic

This oil is quite stimulating. This oil is beneficial for pain as well as soreness in the joints caused by arthritis. Rub the oil on the joints, this will relieve soreness. This also stimulates the blood flow at the joints and then removes all obstructions that lead to flow of blood.



It helps in providing relief from any kind of inflammations. This property of the wintergreen oil helps in making it a very effective anti-rheumatic material.



Wintergreen oil contains diuretic properties that stimulates the urination as well as perspiration in the body. It also helps in cleaning the kidneys, thus getting rid of unwanted toxins in the body.

diuretic agent

Pain Relief

The healthiest benefit that a wintergreen oil contains is its pain-relieving property, which helps to alleviate headache, joint pains, muscle cramps, and bone pain. Wintergreen oil helps in driving out the stress as well as tension.



This oil has properties of antispasmodic which helps to get rid of body of muscular, respiratory and neutral spasms. It is a very good remedy that is made in home and cures cramps, bronchitis, asthma and other digestive disorders.


Promotes Skin And Hair Health

Wintergreen oil helps to tone skin and preventing any sort of acne. It also helps in preventing dandruff and hence tones the roots of the hair that further prevents hair fall.



This oil is a very effective carminative. The oil should not be ingested in any case as it is quite poisonous. Its small consumption can result in many complications. A person suffering with flatulence must apply this oil on the belly by rubbing this oil and helps to expel gases easily.


Treat Insect Bites

It is generally used in treating snake bites, sting bites caused due to any insects such as scorpions, dog, bees or wasps. It further helps in treating the infected are and prevents rotting of wounds, sores as well as ulcers.



Women face problems of obstructed menstruation nowadays and is a very big problem. It further results in paining of abdominal region, hair loss, irritation etc. Hence, the wintergreen oil is one of the essential oils that helps in opening up the menstruation and get rid of many problems such as nausea, pain and fatigue related to periods.



The wintergreen oil has a very pungent smell. In many cases, it can also be used in overcoming the foul smells but should not be used regularly as it is very powerful.


Despite having an advantage of pain reliever, it should be used very careful as it contains an extremely toxic component known as Methyl salicylate. It should not be ingested, not even the diluted preparations. Using it topically, vaporized or diluted, then it acts as safe oil.


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