15 Amazing Health Benefits Of Vervain


Vervain is particularly an herb which possesses wide medicinal history. This exotic herb is the one of the 250 varieties of Verbenaceae family and hence is known as the Vervain. This is a plant having flowers of violet color and is found in the areas of Europe as well as America. Nowadays, this herb is also called a tranquilizing agent as well as an anti-depressant. It has a number of benefits especially for women.

Here Are 15 Amazing Health Benefits Of Vervain

Mood Enhancer

This herb eases feelings that are associated with anxiety as well as stress. Consuming one cup of tea made of this herb soothes the nervous system which further triggers calmness as well as relaxation. This is mostly used to cure people who are suffering from any kind of depression or stress.

improve mood

Healthy Gut

This herb consumed especially in form of tea is very useful in easing the digestive disorders, thereby keeping a healthy gut. It eases several problems that affects the stomach that includes cramps, bloating and flatulence. This is a natural herb for curing diarrhea and vomiting and also boosts nutrient absorption.


Improves Oral Health

This herb improves the oral health of a person if chewed regularly. This is also very much effective as a traditional medication to improve bleeding gums and also eases pains as well as redness that are generally experienced because of mouth ulcers.

Oral health

Natural Analgesic

This herb possess anti-inflammatory qualities. It is very much effective in curing cold as well as fever. This herb also provides relief from sinusitis and migraine and lowers the body temperature levels during fever. This is also consumed as a tonic in order to overcome any weakness that is caused during fever.


Antispasmodic Agent

This herb has natural antispasmodic qualities and is very much recommended for muscle cramps, spasms and pains. It also eases pains like rheumatism and neuralgia.


Menstrual Cycle

This eases the anxiety as well as mood swings in women that are caused generally during premenstrual period. This also induces menstrual cycle among women in case of delay of periods. It has the potential in triggering uterine contractions and hence induces labor and further hastens child birth.


Natural Tonic

This herb bestows the liver as has many anti-spasmodic and anti-inflammatory qualities. It is effectively used for curing jaundice by cleaning the liver of a person.


Prevent Malaria

The roots of this herb is cure for people that are infected by malaria. This natural herb cures malaria by using the roots of the plant.


Beneficial For Skin

This herb acts as a natural astringent and is a natural remedy for many kinds of skin infections. Studies found that vervain is also useful for safeguarding the wounds from any kinds of infections. It helps in getting rid of the toxins caused by the insect bites.


Improves Kidney

Consuming one tablespoon of vervain leaves daily is very beneficial for the kidney stones. It also helps in getting rid of the urinary infections as well as kidney stones just by consuming 6 doses of tablespoons.


Detoxifying Agent

This herb reduces sweating and also further eliminates the toxins away from the body through sweat. It also keeps the skin looks fresh as well as young.


Acts As Ointment

This can be used as a very natural remedy to cure skin infections, bruises, insect bites and other disorders of the skin. It is also used in alleviating sprains caused in the joints of the body.


Treat Diseases

This is used as a kind of slender plant with pale and small flowers and is used in making certain medicines and is a treatment for jaundice, dysmenorrhea, and kidney stones as well as cures headache.


Increases Digestive Function

This herb improves digestive functions such as increasing digestive juices, promotes bile flow, improves absorption and promotes emulsification of fats. This herb is a key in promoting digestion.



This herb helps in lessening the risk of cancer in a person. It has been shown that it prevents cancer and hosts the body systems that affect them. It has been found that this is also very much effective in easing the stress of post-traumatic and insomnia.


Consuming one cup of vervain half an hour before going to sleep is very beneficial. Vervain is used for various conditions which also includes stimulating of lactation as well as treatment for many diseases. It is also considered as an astringent, a diuretic as well as better digestive tonic. There are many clinical trials as well as its various components. So, by reading the article you can now avail the benefits of vervain.


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