15 Amazing Health Benefits Of Raw Cocoa

raw cocoa

Cocoa is raw unprocessed chocolate which has untreated seeds that are referred to as cocoa beans. These untreated seeds are considered to be superfood that offers a lot of essential vitamins and antioxidants which are important for the body. The cocoa beans are grown in the small trees which are known as Theobroma cocoa. Raw cocoa beans contain a lot of vitamin and minerals which are very much essential for the body.

Given Here Are Some Of The Benefits From Raw Cocoa

Enhance Mood

Aphrodisiac is a mood enhancing compound that is found in cocoa, this is known as phenethylamine which gets to trigger the release of the endorphins and the presumable neurochemicals which are raised by opium. This is the same chemical which is release when we fall in love or during sexual activity.

improve mood

Well Being Of Brain

Cocoa tends to increase the brain level of serotonin which is the feel of good brain chemicals. This basically helps the brain to readjust itself and boost up the brain levels in calming the hormones and restore the brain to well being.


Prevents Cardiovascular Diseases

An anti inflammatory agent known as flavanols and some of the other heart protective antioxidants are found in raw cocoa which helps in protecting the heart against cardiovascular diseases. This in a way reduces the risk of stroke and improves the blood circulation of the body.


Prevents Blood Clots

Some researchers have found that raw cocoa tends to thin the blood which helps in preventing blood clots. It has been found that having cocoa is similarly as beneficial as taking an aspirin a day.

blood clotting

Prevents Premature Aging

Polyphenol which is a component found in cocoa belongs to the same antioxidant group as that of red wine and green tea. These help to protect the skin cells from premature oxidation and from destruction and help us to look young and feel good.


Weight Loss

Making it a part of your diet and having a hot cup of cocoa before meals might help you to shed a lot of fat. This is because of the MAO which tends to shrink appetite.

Weight Loss

Lower Blood Pressure

It has been found that intake of cocoa helps in reducing the blood pressure of the patient. It is suggested that patients who are suffering from high blood pressure must have a small amount of cocoa every evening.

Blood pressure

Restore Internal Balance And Improve Metabolism

If you think that you are not receiving enough antioxidants in your diet, it is very dangerous if this continues to occur. It has been found that cocoa helps in the reduction stress hormone in the body and tends to increase your microbial activity.


Prevents Sunburns

Studies have shown that a person consuming raw cocoa was able to stay in the sun twice as long as those who did not without getting any patch of sunburn.


Get Glowing Skin

People who drink cocoa to some quantity a day had better skin. Their skin tends to have better texture, improved microcirculation and increased oxygen in the body. All you have to do is add some cocoa powder in your coffee or tea and enjoy.


Prevents Skin Cancer

Researches of some German scientist have found that consuming cocoa might help to protect you from harmful UV rays which cause cancer.

skin cancer

Prevents Alzheimer’s

Middle aged people might have the problem to losing memory. People who drank raw cocoa with milk were seen to have improved memory as it helps in increased blood flow in the brain.


Better Digestion

Raw cocoa has plenty of fibers in it which helps the body to stimulate the body and their digestive enzymes.


Healthy Fats

Although all heath practitioners preach you not to have fats, but your body needs some fats. They help you to create chemicals that react you to grow and lets your immune system and metabolic function run. There is plenty of healthy fats in raw cocoa.


Healthy Food

There are sometimes when you just need something to fill up your bliss and the void. Cocoa is one of healthy food that contains mood improver anandamide which is also known as the bliss molecule which creates a different environment all together.

healthy food

They contain huge amounts of magnesium, vitamins, protein, fibers and polyphenols. These beans are mostly found in South America and Mexico. These seeds are roasted and grounded to produce cocoa which is the main ingredient of chocolate. When these beans are dried up at low temperatures they are called raw cacao beans. They are rich in anti-oxidants and have several health benefits.


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